Hass im Netz ist uns #NichtEgal

Aus dem Lernmaterial für Schulen und den dortigen Beispielen für Hass:


Worum beneidet ihr das andere Geschlecht?

Auf 9Gag wurde die in der Überschrift bereits zitierte Frage gestellt, die ich immer wieder interessant finde.

Worum beneidet ihr das andere Geschlecht?

Worum beneidet ihr das andere Geschlecht?

Die Antworten in den Kommentaren sind auch interessant, gerade weil sie nach Zustimmung (bzw. Witzigkeit) geordnet sind:

  • Dating is easy for girls
    • Antwort darauf: Dating someone datable is less easy than you think
  • There is a lot, but I won’t tell or complain because as a 23y-old woman I think to be a propper man (in the way society definds what a propper man is with good job, house, body, beautyful wife, good manners, …) is way harder than being a propper woman. And we have skirts, dresses and make-up. I would never trade dresses for unshaved legs! 🙂
  • Boobs. And multi orgasms
  • Women have it easier than men, to be honest. I don’t envy you, sorry.
  •  They can be cuddly and cutesy with their friends without beeing seen as gay
  •  Being asked out instead of asking out. And also They dont have to worry if they have a massive boner. They will never know the struggle of having morning wood and trying to go back to sleep when you’re a stomach sleeper.
  • That men can pee in bushes or those outside pottie things. Almost never long lines for the toilet. I envy that so much!
  • Men not having their monthly period. Not having to carry a baby/babies for 9months. Not having to go through labor.
  • i envy apache helicopter can fly and shoot missile
  • Ability to falsely accuse people of rape
  • I’d rather be a good looking girl than a good looking guy, but i’d rather be a bad looking guy than a bad looking girl.
  • the fact that women has huge variables on formal clothing,the guy has just a suit and that’s it. I mean, I fucking love wearing a suit,but there’s not easy way to innovate it,without using tons of money,a woman just buys a new different dress and she’s completely different
  • That they can get sex basically within 5 minutes of getting horny anywhere
    • Antwort: but that isn’t exactly an option for women, is it? Guys can literally fuck around without consequences and actually getting cheered by their friends while women get blamed. (Well I’m blaming both genders if they sleep around but I’m one of many)
  • That men aren’t stigmatised for having lots of sex with random girls. Personally if I could, I’d get a guy to give me head in the bathroom of a club and then leave when he wants some. Sadly I’m kinda shy so that’ll never happen
    • Antwort: because its a challenge for men to get girls but is a lot easier for girls
  • They can’t get accidentally pregnant. And pants with real pockets.
  • guys dont get cat called or grabbed on their tits randomly on a bus or in the streets. I’m really sick of this daily routine, I’m jealous that they don’t really get that.
  • As a female architecte I’m jealous of men because they’re more respected by workers in construction site… I’m short with „cute“ face so no one is taking me seriously when I give orders. But that’s very specific to my situation! In other cases it’s a plus to be a short cute woman

Das als Ausschnitt aus den Kommentaren. Es ist natürlich eine Seite für lustige Bilder, auf der das Geschlechterthema immer wieder mal vorkommt, aber bei weitem der „Geschlechterkrieg“ nicht im Vordergrund steht. Man merkt aber an einigen Kommentaren das die Themen auch dort angekommen sind und auch auf Widerstand stoßen.
Natürlich auch gerne in den Kommentaren: Was wäre es, worum ihr das andere Geschlecht beneidet?