„SJWs kämpfen nicht intellektuell, sondern sie wollen sich über die sozialen Ebene und über Machtspiele durchsetzen“

Auf dem Twitteraccount „Woke Distance“ fand sind ein interessanter Thread:

The woke are not trying to win the culture war against liberals intellectually, they are trying to win SOCIALLY. The woke don’t fight academically with evidence and reason. They fight SOCIALLY using power moves to take over institutions and bullying tactics to shut us up.

he woke do not want to merely participate in liberal democratic society; allowing their ideas to be carefully scrutinized by our academic, cultural and democratic institutions. The woke want to SEIZE POWER in those institutions, and mutate them into institutions of wokeness.

So the tactics adopted by the woke were developed for seizing institutional, cultural, and political power, not for discovering the truth. If it works to send social media mobs after people to get them fired so woke people can take their jobs works, then that is what they do

Since the goal of the woke is to seize social and political power so they can wield it in the name of their ideology, they are not interested in being kind, civil, or „nice.“ In fact Robin DiAngelo actually says „niceness“ is bad, and claims it reproduces white supremacy:
The result is that when the woke try to get into positions of power, they do not typically do so by demonstrating they have the MERIT to be in those positions. They are not, to be frank, interested in meeting the standard of merit that liberals use in selecting their leaders.
This is because the woke think liberals and other non-woke groups don’t really care about merit, and just use merit as an excuse to keep „marginalized groups“ out of positions of power. The woke think leadership requirements are little more than poorly disguised power hoarding
As such they think meeting liberal standards accepts the logic of liberalism, which they reject and want to replace with wokeness. So, rather than follow liberal rules of civility, merit, reason, and democracy; they follow woke rules and play cynical social power games.
They will accuse, imply, and insinuate all kinds of things about anyone in order to socially destroy whoever dares to get in their way. They’re not going to tell you you’re wrong, they’re going to tell everyone else you’re a racist, sexist, homophobe. That’s how it works.
Here, @BretWeinstein explains how false accusations of racism were used to try to intimidate him into going along with a woke takeover of College where he was teaching at the time. Please pay close attention here
In this Clip Reihan Salam (@reihan) response to comments by Eddie Glaude (@esglaude ) and while he is talking Eddie interrupts him to insinuate that Reihan is not being genuiune and is merely trying to score political points in a debate. This is a typical woke tactic.
The point he is that if you think you’re going to push back on wokeness with arguments according to the rules of civility, fairplay, evidence and reason you are sorely mistaken. This is not how this works.
The woke don’t play that game. Theirs is a contest for power, and they use cynical social tactics in order to try to browbeat people into doing what the woke want them to do. Push back requires we recognize what game the woke are playing, and make that clear to everyone else
Wokeness has a vulnerability: being understood. When people understand the game the woke play, they stop going along with it and the woke lose power. So make their game clear, make it transparent, and call it out. The sooner you do the sooner they woke lose power.
Für eine Ideologie, die alles als einen Machtkampf, ein Nullsummenspiel um Einfluss, versteht und die keine „objektive Wahrheit“ akzeptiert, sondern alles als konstruiert ansieht ist es verständlich, wenn sie auch ansonsten nichts als Macht akzeptieren.
Natürlich wird dennoch versucht sich einen Anschein von Wahrheit, von Wissenschaftlichkeit zu geben. Eben durch die dabei üblichen Mittel: Komplizierte Begriffe, den Verweis auf Authoritäten, darauf dass das was sie vertreten weithin akzeptiert ist.
Deswegen meine ich ja auch immer, dass „der Kaiser ist nackt“ ein gutes Gegenmittel ist.