Der moderne Feminismus ist keine Philosophie, sondern eine Serie von Wutausbrüchen, die normale Frauen abschreckt“

Im „National Review“ findet sich eine kritische Stellungnahme zum Feminismus:

This is a movement that seems to be all about short-term gains, mostly through name-calling and other forms of online bullying, at the expense of any long-term intellectual coherence or even basic integrity. But in the long run how many women want to be identified with a movement whose champions can’t even listen to a mildly controversial speech without having to walk out to keep from either blacking out or throwing up? How many women want to be identified with a movement that is currently arguing over whether the founder of Facebook’s preference for plain T-shirts is sexist?

All of these reactions display a level of hyper-sensitivity and emotional fragility that every woman I know finds repugnant. Treating women as equals in our culture and politics is simple fairness. Modern feminism, by contrast, has nothing to do with fairness and everything to do with the special pleading of its entitled commentariat.

Treating women as equals does not mean that we ignore differences — men and women tend to have different strengths and weaknesses, different likes and dislikes, and will often choose different career paths, family roles, television shows, books, and movies. In fact, men and women tend to like that they’re different and celebrate those differences. Feminism has reacted to this obvious reality by either arguing that our myriad differences are mere social constructs or by arguing that — to borrow my wife’s excellent summary of feminist philosophy – men and women are the same, except when women are better. After all, it wasn’t long ago that one prominent feminist argued that our entire “postindustrial society” was just “better suited to women.”

Feminism doesn’t really have a philosophy. It’s barely even an ideology. It’s mostly just a series of temper tantrums thrown by a small, privileged minority. And, unless it changes, it will soon be irrelevant.

Das die feministische Forderung, dass Privilegien abgebaut und Diskriminierungen unterlassen werden dann zu einer Farce verkommt, wenn man diese Privilegien und Diskriminierungen überall und seine eigenen nirgendwo sieht kann man gar nicht oft genug betonen. Dies gilt um so mehr, wenn man in jeder Kleinigkeit die Anzeichen einer großen Verschwörung und einer tieferen Struktur sieht und damit diese Kleinigkeit auf der gleichen Stufe bekämpft als wäre damit die Struktur selbst anzugreifen.

Ich würde auch sagen, dass das die meisten Frauen abschreckt. Der Feminismus hat hier das Glück, dass die wenigsten überhaupt wissen, wie extrem er in vielen Formen gegenwärtig ist.