OECD: Better Life Index: Frauen sind glücklicher und weniger überarbeitet

Aus einem Bericht der „Daily Mail“: (via Genderama)

Women are happier and less stressed than overworked men, according to a survey of lifestyles in 34 countries.

Men living in the world’s most advanced nations work longer hours and earn higher wages, but are more likely to be exposed to danger and have a lower life expectancy.

But while women might score higher on measures of happiness, they still spend twice as much time as men doing housework – an average extra of two-and-a-half hour each day.

Women across the 34 nations surveyed spend an average of 279 minutes per day carrying out housework or caring for children or the elderly, compared with 131 minutes each day for meen.

British men are almost three times more likely to be working ‚very long hours‚ when compared to women.

Also in the UK, 75 per cent of men are in paid work, compared with 65 per cent of women.

Across the 34 countries, 72 per cent of men and 59 per cent of women have jobs, including part-time employment.

Men were found to be slightly healthier than women but still have a life expectancy some six years less than women.

In Britain, life expectancy at birth is 80 and women outlive men by an average of three years.

However, men are three times as likely to be murdered than women – with three killings per 100,000 compared to one per 100,000 among women.

Men are also 15 per cent more likely to be mugged or assaulted.

The OECD researchers said: ‚Much has been said and written about the need for greater gender equality, but it is a rather complex picture.

‚True, men earn more and work more than women, but they are also more likely to be victims of assault or murder, while women live longer and have stronger social networks but are more likely to end their lives in poverty.‘

Arne Hoffmann verweist zutreffend darauf, dass das eine merkwürdige Verteilung der „patriarchalen Dividende“ ist.