Warum man mit „woken“ nicht diskutieren kann

Eine eventuelle Antwort darauf, warum mit Anhängern intersektionaler Theorien so selten wirklich eine Diskussion entsteht:



Nochmal als Text:

Why the Woke are so difficult to discuss with: a theory. The Woke are not predominantly in pursuit of truth. Nor are they predominantly in pursuit of improving society. They are predominantly in pursuit of goodness. Of virtue.

Therefore, any challenge to their ideas is not simply a challenge to their ideas. It is a challenge to their goodness. And so they retaliate with a vengeance. It’s a theory, based on observations. Any thoughts?

That’s why The Woke often speak about what the government or „society“ should do. They rarely speak about what THEY are actually doing. Why? Because by passionately holding these opinions, they can have goodness without any sacrifice. Virtue with no skin in the game.

Here’s a meme I created to illustrate this point. By out jockeying each other about just how racist other people are (or society, “systemically”), they achieve goodness and virtue – with absolutely no sacrifice.

The old status systems were constructed around: Wealth – difficult to achieve Education & Ivy-league degrees – difficult to achieve Class – hard enough in the US, damn near impossible in the UK Accent – same again on the other hand…… Wokeness – available to anybody

In his new book “Woke Racism”,

discusses this. Wokeness simply means being aware of racism – both personal & systemic – and just how pervasive it is. No giving money to poor Blacks No volunteering at the homeless shelter No sending your kids to Black schools

Simply professing (preferably loudly) just how aware you are of racism and all its manifestations (personal, hidden, unconscious, systemic, institutional, etc.) That’s it. Nothing more required. Simply profess. And you’ve now achieved goodness. Virtue.
That means supporting AntiRacism. It matters little what “AntiRacism” actually entails. What matters is that you’re on the side of “AntiRacism”.
The same with Black Lives Matter. It matters little what BLM is actually doing to help Black people. What matters is your profession of faith: “Black Lives Matter!” BLM may actually be hurting Black people. That matters not. It’s the prefession of Goodness. „B L M !“
Evangelical Christians have something similar: One does not receive salvation through good works or good deeds, but by professing his or her acceptance of Jesus. We all that woman in the community who begins every sentence with, “Well, I’m a Christian, and I think . . .”
Professing her Christianity was enough to put her on the right side. Anything after that is simply a bonus. But not really all that necessary. „I am a Christian.“ Done. Enough said. With the new Woke religion, professing oneself to be an AntiRacist is enough.
In der Tat muss man in vielen woken Bereichen mit dem richtigen „Benachteiligungsgrad“ nichts machen. Man gibt Verantwortung ab, etwa an den „alten weißen Mann“. Schon ist eine Frau weitgehend raus, ein junger Mann zwar nicht ganz so weit, aber immerhin.
Im praktischen muss absolut nichts passieren, das Signaling reicht vollkommen aus. Man könnte daher sagen, dass es ein nicht sehr ehrliches Signal ist bzw leicht zu fälschen. Was es um so attraktiver macht.