Patriarchatssondersitzung: Hugh Hefner ist gestorben

Liebe Patriarchatsbrüder, eine große Stütze des Patriarchats ist am 27.09.2017 von uns gegangen:

Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner


Wie alles begann:

Aged 16, back in his hometown of Chicago, Hefner was rejected by a girl at his high school. Soon after, he began referring to himself as „Hef“ rather than Hugh, changed his wardrobe, and crucially, began drawing a comic strip about himself—the fantasy version of himself, the one that soon began to manifest as his new reality. In 1959, when he wanted to promote his magazine, he again reinvented his self-image, fashioning himself into the walking burgundy robe history remembers.

Das Leben als Playboy:

The Playboy Mansion had a bizarre set of rules for the women who stayed there. There was a 9 p.m. curfew, the Playboy Bunnies weren’t allowed to have other boyfriends (although they often did), and perhaps strangest of all would be the nightly orgies that took place in Hugh’s bedroom.

Well, sort of. Here’s how a former Bunny describes the scene: “Two huge television screens projecting graphic porn lit up the otherwise dark bedroom. In the middle, a very pale man was tending to his own business…The girlfriends, in various stages of undress, were sitting in a semi-circle at the edge of the bed.”


The nightly sexcapade was just one of the rules in the Playboy Mansion, but none of them were set in stone. Often Hefner would mix up the rules to favor one Bunny over another, turning the whole thing into more of a constant cat-fight.

There are tales of women stealing from each other, fighting over rooms and, of course, who would have Hefner’s affection. He’d tell one girl that he hated how she wore red lipstick while saying to another that he loved the very same red lipstick that she wore. He also gave each Bunny a $1000 allowance for new clothing, but would sometimes withhold it if he felt she wasn’t “giving enough” in the bedroom. By all accounts, it was all the worst aspects of sexual servitude and living in a prison all rolled into one.

Vor dem Siegeszug des Internets war der Playboy für viele Jungs die erste Begegnung mit nackten Frauen.

Hier ein paar Stimmen aus dem Internet zu seinem Tod: