Moderne Zeiten: Camille Paglia und Jordan B Peterson

Ein Ausschnitt:


Paglia zum intersektionalen Feminismus: „Wenn Frauen beigebracht wird, Männer nicht als gleichwertig anzusehen, sondern als Unterdrücker und Vergewaltiger, dann verdammt man diese dazu, nicht erwachsen zu werden“

Arne hatte es gestern auch schon zitiert, ich finde diese Aussage von Camille Paglia zum gegenwärtigen Feminismus auch sehr interessant:

Second-wave feminism went off the track when it started to demonize men and blame them for all the evils in human history. It’s a neurotic world-view that was formulated in too many cases by women (including Gloria Steinem and Kate Millett) with troubled childhoods in unstable homes. (…) My early role models, Amelia Earhart and Katharine Hepburn, were fierce individualists and competitors who liked and admired men and who never indulged in the tiresome, snippy rote male-bashing that we constantly hear from today’s feminists. I am an equal opportunity feminist who opposes special protections for women. What I am saying throughout my work is that girls who are indoctrinated to see men not as equals but as oppressors and rapists are condemned to remain in a permanently juvenile condition for life. They have surrendered their own personal agency to a poisonous creed that claims to empower women but has ended by infantilizing them. Similarly, boys will have no motivation to mature if their potential romantic partners remain emotionally insecure, fragile, and fearful, forever looking to parental proxies (like campus grievance committees or government regulators) to make the world safe for them.

Also etwa:

Wenn Frauen beigebracht wird, Männer nicht als gleichwertig anzusehen, sondern als Unterdrücker und Vergewaltiger, dann verdammt man diese dazu, nicht erwachsen zu werden

Richtig ist, dass aus meiner Sicht eine beständige Schuldverlagerung auf Dritte nicht gesund sein kann und zudem eigene Handlungsmöglichkeiten verbirgt. Wer beständig glaubt, dass die Welt sich gegen ihn verschworen hat und sich mit Gleichgesinnten einen Wettlauf darum liefert, wer diese Verschwörung als schrecklicher darstellen kann, der macht sich selbst handlungsunfähig. In einem solchen System ist persönlicher Erfolg eher ein Anbiedern an das System oder gar ein Eingeständnis, dass man es doch schaffen kann und damit eine indirekte Leugnung der Unterdrückung.

Aber es ist eben durchaus eine attraktive Position Verantwortung abzugeben und sich an etwas abzuarbeiten, bei dem man immer behaupten kann, dass es nicht an einem liegt, sondern das System zu stark ist. Und es passt damit zu „weiblicher Unterverantwortlichkeit„.


„Alles ist wunderbar und Camille Paglia ist nicht glücklich“

Growing up as „a gender nonconforming entity“ during Eisenhower’s America wasn’t easy for cultural critic and best-selling author Camille Paglia. Her adolescence in small-town, upstate New York was marked by rejection, rebellion, and cross-dressing—all in reaction to the stultifying social norms of the 1950s and early ’60s.

So what does Paglia think of contemporary culture, with its openness to a wide variety of ever-proliferating gender, racial, and sexual identities?

Not much.

„I do not feel that gender is sufficient to explain all of human life,“ Paglia tells Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie. „This gender myopia, this gender monomania, has become a disease. It’s become a substitute for religion. It is impossible that the feminist agenda can ever be the total explanation of human life.“

Whether the subject is feminism or the fate of Western civilization, Paglia is no Pollyanna. In this wide-ranging discussion, she says higher education is going to hell, the Fourth Estate is an epic FAIL, millennials are myopic, contemporary criticism has croaked, and Hillary Clinton might singlehandedly destroy the universe. Even Madonna, once Paglia’s ideal of sex-positive feminism, seems to have lost her way.

Does the celebrated author of Sexual Personae and Break Blow Burn have any reason to get out of bed in the morning? Does she have any hope for the universe at all? Watch the video to find out.


2:55 – Growing up as a „gender nonconforming entity“ in Eisenhower’s America.

7:50 – What is feminism? The limits of identity politics.

14:35 – Rape, paternalism, and Madonna on the university campus.

19:30 – How the country club model of university life has debased contemporary cultural criticism.

24:38 – The decadent obsession with cultural identity in the modern world.

29:13 – Authentic multiculturalism and critical theory.

32:42 – Is there any hope for the humanities?

37:25 – Contemporary journalism is bad and it makes politics even worse.

45:18 – What sort of image does a great president project?

47:27 – The importance of „working class people“.

51:08 – Hillary Clinton is a disaster. Dianne Feinstein is presidential.

54:46 – What are you optimistic about? Students are more ignorant than ever.

58:16 – Paglia’s upcoming work: religion and the paleo-Indian period.

Runs about one hour.