„Letzte Nacht hat mir mein Freund die umwerfendste sexuelle Erfahrung meines Lebens beschert“

Eine Frau berichtet auf Reddit von besonders guten Sex:

Last night my [36F] friend [36M] gave me the most mindblowing sexual experience of my life. Does this „thing“ have a name?

We were just supposed to spend the xmass together, there was never anything sexual about us. While we were watching the movie he touched me, in a friendly way. I’m super chronically touch starved so I leaned in and asked for mooooore. He spent good 2 hours just caressing me. I fell a sleep a couple of times but I know it since the movie restarted and ran another time. At no point did he tried to turn it into sex, just gentle touches and cuddling. And I was cuddling his two dogs.

At about 3:00, Dante said that it’s really time for bed. Since he was too sleepy to safely drive he suggested I could spend a night in his spare room, so tomorrow we can have breakfast and then he can take me home.

I went to bed but. Nooooo I wanted more.

So I gathered the courage and went to Dante’s bed. I told him I want to have sex with him. Now to be honest I just wanted more cuddles. So I expected that Dante would do a quickly and then maybe cuddle me more before going to sleep.

Here comes the interesting part.

Dante did something that I had never experienced in any variation before. He kept cuddling and caressing me while telling me the most wonderful and encouraging things. Things which we all want and need to hear. At the same time he lowered my hand between my legs and both of us were playing together with my pussy.

I’m struggling to describe the sensation with my words. He was basically masturbating my brain and body and pussy at the same time. I felt tingles all over my body, several orgasms which felt like an out of body experience and made me lose control over my legs and back. At no point did he tried to please himself. I had reached for his shaft, it was erected, seemed he removed my hand. It was erected and size wasn’t an issue so the reason wasn’t shame.

Exhausted I fell asleep so now there is a 10? – 0 orgasm gap which I have a full intention of making right.

This „technique“ that he was doing. Does that have a name? Did he came up with that on his own?

Not a single guy has done anything similar in my life?

Es ist ja etwas klischeehaft, dass der beste Sex, den sie jemals hatte, insoweit im wesentlichen eine emotionale Stimulation war, verbunden mit Befriedigung mit der Hand (durch beide). Zudem verbunden damit, dass er sich selbst stark zurückhält uns sich ganz auf sie konzentriert.

Wäre natürlich die Frage, ob es verallgemeinerungsfähig ist, sie sagt ja sie sei besonders bedürftig in Hinblick auf Zärtlichkeiten gewesen.

Aus dem Dialog in den Kommentaren:

„Honestly? Sounds like he knows you so well he knew that you were starved for affection, but also clearly horny. So rather than take advantage, he gave you the sexual pleasure you were explicitly asking for, whilealso attending to your emotional needs, all while being incredibly selfless.

That’s a good man, lover or friend… Hold onto that one.“

„Yes. I mean I walked into his room expecting him to take advantage of my state. I was OKay with that, he could had done all kinds of things with me and I would be OKay with that. Just for a chance of more cuddles.

And instead he… spends a lot of time selflessly attending to all of my emotional and physical needs? Then let’s me go to sleep. Makes me coffee, talks with me and drives me home?

Why didn’t I initiate with him sooner :/“

„Dude. Hold onto that man with diamond hands. People (often women) wait their whole lives looking for a partner that will act selflessly in bed, and in life, and genuinely enjoy it.“

Auch sonst äußern sich viele entsprechend, dass sie da einen Glücksgriff getan hat. Was aber sicherlich auch schlicht daran liegen könnte, dass es für sie außergewöhnlich guter Sex war.

Ich glaube für mich wäre es nicht so das richtige. Ein  Handjob mit lobenden Worten? Naja.

Aber da sind die Geschmäcker ja verschieden. Und das emotionale Band ist sicherlich nicht zu unterschätzen.

Was wäre eure Meinung dazu?

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