„USA Women hat 6,5 Mio. Dollar kassiert, nachdem die Herrenmannschaft im Rahmen ihrer Vereinbarung über gleiche Bezahlung das WM-Achtelfinale erreicht hatte“

Noch etwas WM 2022, auch wenn Deutschland raus ist:

USA Women banked $6.5m after the men’s team reached the World Cup last-16 as part of their equal pay agreement… which earned them more prize money than winning the last TWO women’s tournaments combined

USA booked their place in the last-16 of the World Cup after beating Iran 1-0 Their progression to the knockout stages has earned the country $13m (£11m) But that will be split with the women’s team as part of their equal pay agreement  USA became the first country to seal the landmark agreement earlier this year USWNT will therefore receive $6.5m (£5.4m) through the men’s team’s success They already earned $4.5m (£3.7m) after USMNT qualified for the group stage

USA Women are set to receive $6.5million (£5.4million) for the men’s side reaching the last 16 of the World Cup as part of the equal pay agreement that was forged earlier this year.

The USMNT extended their stay in Qatar on Tuesday night after picking up a crucial 1-0 win over Iran, which saw them advance to the knockout stages of this year’s World Cup.

Progression to the last 16 has guaranteed U.S. Soccer an estimated $13million (£11million) in prize money, half of which will go to their women’s team through the equal pay agreement.

After sealing the landmark agreement earlier this year, USA became the first federation in history to split their World Cup prize money down the middle between their two main national teams, which they described as a ‚truly historic moment‘.

That means USA Women will bank at least $6.5million after the men’s team’s success on Tuesday, having already earned $4.5million (£3.7million) for their participation in the group stage.

USA Women (L) banked $6.5m (£5.4m) for the men’s team (R) reaching the World Cup last-16

As per the country’s equal pay agreement, the USWNT will take home half of the prize money

How much more could USA Women earn through their Men’s World Cup team?

  • Quarter-final: $8.5million (£7million)
  • Fourth place: $12.5million (£10million)
  • Third place: $13.5million (£11million)
  • Runners-up: $15million (£13million)
  • Winners: $21million (£18million)


Overall prize money if USMNT win the World Cup: $86million (£72million)

And there will be even more to come if Gregg Berhalter’s side get past Holland in their last-16 tie on Saturday.

Should they reach the quarter-final, USA will earn their country another $17million (£14million) which would be split to $8.5million (£7million) for each team.

The nations who finish in third and fourth place will receive $27million (£22million) and $25million (£21million) respectively, while the runner-up is due to collect $30million (£25million).

This year’s World Cup winner is in line to earn a staggering $42million (£35million).

Regardless of how USA fare for the rest of the tournament, the women’s outfit has already earned more from their progression to the last 16 than they did for winning their own tournaments outright in 2015 and 2019 combined.

The USWNT took home $2million and $4million (£3million) for those triumphs, giving them an overall prize of $6million (£5million).

The total prize money for the 2019 Women’s World Cup stood at $30million (£25million), with the men’s edition handing out over 14 times as much at $440million (£367million).

Verstehe ich das richtig, dass die Frauen und Männer Teams jeweils die Hälfte der Gewinne der jeweiligen Mannschaften bekommen?