Die Erfahrungen von männlichen Strippern in Bezug auf sexuelle Belästigungen durch Kunden

Sense schreibt in einem Kommentar zum Thema „Unterschiedliches Verhalten von Männer und Frauen in Bezug auf Stripper“

Zum Thema mal ein Schwank aus der Jetztzeit:
Jungesellenabschiede und Jungesellinenabschiede sind zwei unterschiedlich zu handhabende Ereignisse.mein Freund Jan ist Pächter bzw. Besitzer einiger Lokalitäten und Ballsäle.
Altes Familiengeschäft seit den 50er Jahren in Berlin. es ist üblich das zur Feier fürs Catering,die Türkontrolle,Auf – und Abbau etc Personal benötigt wird.
Der Unterschied zwischen dem Junggesellenabschied und ner Weiberparty ist heute bemerkenswert.

Die Jungs feiern und bestellen fast immer eine Stripperin. Die treten heutzutage jedoch sehr selten solo auf, Fast immer sind das Paare,also ein männlicher Stripper/Partner ist immer dabei. Bei der Begrüßung wird auch immer betont,das selbst beim Lapdance die Dame nicht angefasst wird.Abhängig vom Grad der Alkoholisierung wird das auch von den Jungesellen immer bedacht und respektiert.Die jungen Blassbacken feiern heutzutage mehr Kindergeburtstag als den Exzess.

Bei den Junggesellinnenabschied bzw. der Weiberparty sieht das jedoch inzwischen anders aus.
Trotz der gleichen Ansage,die Stripper nicht zu betatschen beim Lapdance,hält sich,ebenfalls dem Grad der Alkoholisierung entsprechend,keine Frau dran.Während bei dem Jungmännern wie gesagt der anwesende Stripperpartner ausreicht,muss für die wohlerzogenen Damen zusätzlich Personenschutz bereitgestellt werden.Das die Erziehung der Frauen daran Anteil hat ist nachvollziehbar und wohl der Grund warum die Damen heftiger vorglühen als die alkoholresistenteren Männer.
Jedenfalls sind die Damen heutzutage heftiger am feiern und auch die alte Frauenweisheit:
Frauen sind sauberer, gepflegter, hinterlassen weniger Dreck und Chaos und benehmen sich immer sozial kompatibler, wird heutzutage von der Realität Lügen gestraft. Frag mal die Putzkolonne nach dem unterschiedlichen Zustand der Toiletten.
Auch wenn es in einem Lied heißt: „Männer sind Schweine !“ so sind die Frauen dann wohl die grössten Pottsäue.
Gruß Sense

Ähnliches habe ich schön häufiger gehört, ich meine es gibt auch entsprechende weitere Kommentare unter anderen Artikeln hier im Blog.

Unterstützend noch etwas aus Artikeln:

Rob Singers, who works as a Dreamboy in London, opened up to the Sun about the disturbing part of his job.

The 30-year-old admits he was shocked by the behaviour at the beginning but is now used to is. He has been scratched multiple times over the years and was once left bleeding from his penis.

He said: „You don’t go into this game if you’re a shrinking violet. The attention is great –  but the way you get manhandled sometimes it’s like you’re a commodity.“

llow Dreamboy Javier Markham added that it’s sometimes like he’s a „slab of muscle that nothing can hurt“.

He said: „There isn’t a bit of my body that hasn’t been touched during my time stripping – things that a woman would slap a man for if they did it to them happen all the times: women grope your balls, or try and get hold of your penis.

„On one occasion I had someone yank on my penis during a show, which was pretty painful and shocking.

Both men say that hen parties are the worst by far when it comes to bad behaviour.

Javier said he’s been given countless phone numbers during the five years he’s been in the job, and one bride even messaged him to ask him to go to her hotel.

He went, which he now regrets, and the only reason the pair didn’t have sex was because the bride’s sister got involved.

He claims the bride continued to message him during her honeymoon and they decided to meet up when she got back from the trip with her new husband.

However the men are clear that they are not complaining and both love their jobs.

A third Dreamboy, Kelvin Valentine, says women also throw alcohol and money at him when he’s on stage.

However, he doesn’t see it as a bad thing and says women treat him like a „superhero or a celebrity“ and just „don’t know how to handle it“.


He’s part of a rare breed. A male stripper who has managed to survive for almost 20 years in a cutthroat industry that’s renowned for more downs than ups. And during two decades of shimmying in his jocks, Sydney-based performer Dave Hughes has seen it all.

From fending off boy-hungry cougars in Sin City, to the rise of the full-frontal obsession; fasten your seatbelts as this industry veteran reveals the truth about the world of male stripping — the naked truth.

„Oh, I’ve seen everything“ he tells news.com.au, chuckling. „I’ve had women follow me home, I’ve even had women tail me in their car back to the hotel. They’ll try to drag you into the toilets … especially older women who have a thing for younger guys. Heaps of things.

„It’s funny, because if guys did it to girls, it’d be totally different, but when girls do it to guys, no one seems to care. In fact, it’s regarded as being funny. There’s a definitely double standard there.“

Now working as part of Sydney Hotshots, the 37-year-old has been in the game since he was 19. But the hunk’s journey to the stage began when he was only 15.

„My big brother was part of Manpower, which was a big show back in the 90s,“ says Dave. „He’s 10 years older and I just looked up to him so much. He was travelling the world, stripping for a living, and I just wanted to be like him.

„I was lifting weights from the age of 15, and at 16 I was giving girls lap dances in high school. I did my first strip routine at my year 12 formal where I stripped out of my tux. I had a couple of guys as backup dances — we were right into it!“

Though Dave doesn’t recall any jitters back then, when he dipped his toe into the family business for the first time professionally soon after leaving school, it was a different story.

„I was living on the Gold Coast at the time and needed rent money,“ he remembers. „I was so nervous and everything went wrong.

„Usually your routine goes for 15 minutes, but I ended up taking all my clothes off within one minute, so I had nothing to do for 14 minutes. I was just walking around. It was horrible! But the girls loved it anyway. Back then it was way simpler.“

In a case of ’shake it till you make it‘, Dave joined a local group to learn the ropes („living on the Gold Coast I’d get about five or six gigs per week at various nightclubs“) before making the leap and joining what was then Australia’s biggest strip troupe, Manpower, at the age of 19, which led him to Las Vegas. A city that would become his home for the next decade.

„That was the height of my career,“ he reminisces. „I was making really good money and it was a real eye-opener, because I’d see women behaving exactly like men.

We’d get bachelorette parties and girls on spring break coming to town for only a few days. Every night they were trying to drag us out. You’d end up going out and then next thing you knew it’d be 10 in the morning. It was crazy.“

The definition of Sin City. With alcohol in the mix and inhibitions loosened, this is hardly an environment that’s conducive to maintaining a long-term relationship. When we surmise that the then-Lothario had a different girl every week, we’re bang on.

„Yeah,“ he says matter-of-factly. „It might even be for a few days. But you were never lying to any of them — everyone knew where they stood. Being from Australia we had an advantage straight away — American girls love that you’re different and that you talk differently. Over there if you sound like a bogan, so much the better!“

Horny women is something that comes with the territory. And while these days Dave takes more of an MC role („kind of like Matthew McConaughey’s character in Magic Mike“ he says), he’s observed a recent trend among female audiences: They demand full-frontal.

„They used to say that women didn’t care about seeing it all,“ he muses. „But as I’ve gotten older, they seem to want to see it more and more. It’s just expected now. I reckon it’s because girls see so much d**k because of phones and social media. Now women will often get upset if they don’t see it — they might even want their money back.“

Given the expectation that audiences get to see the full, ahem, package, are male strippers concerned about how they ‚measure up‘?

„Some guys might not care,“ says Dave. „The guys that are comfortable with themselves don’t. I’ve got ten friends who I work with regularly and I’ve seen them naked and they’re not super-endowed. Then there’s guys who are huge — you see them backstage — and they might not even do fully naked strips. It’s funny.“

So, does size really not matter as a stripper? „As long as you’re alright, not really,“ he replies. Translation: you don’t need to be huge, but you can’t be tiny either.

For most of us, the only real insight we’ve had into the world of male stripping has been through the Magic Mike franchise. And in the first flick there’s one particular scene involving a backstage penis pump and the character of ‚Big Dick Richie‘.


„You still always have a fireman and a cop — that hasn’t really changed — but the new ones are the SWAT or commando personas. Girls love them! You never see navy officers anymore, so that’s one that’s fallen out of fashion. It’s a shame as that’s what I used to do.

„But what really has changed is how you dance out of a costume. Now it’s all about hip-hop and acrobatics. Audiences love it when guys can pop lock, which is hard for muscly guys — if not impossible. Backflips and gymnastics are great. If you can do that, then girls will go crazy.“

While easy girls and fast money hold obvious appeal, when Dave reflects on the last 20 years, it hasn’t only been highs. Turns out, the life of a male stripper has crashing lows too.

„Sometimes it does my head in a bit that I’m still doing it,“ he admits, „Sometimes I crave a normal life. But then, on the other hand, I’m travelling around, it’s good fun and I make decent money. But then it can get lonely when you’re on tour for a long time.“

And this is the irony of stripping: Dating is tough. After all, it takes a special kind of woman who’s comfortable with their other half getting naked for crowds of flesh-hungry, drunken ladies.

„I’ve had girlfriends in the past,“ he says. „Most have been pretty cool, but I don’t think any girlfriend would like you doing private shows — no girl would like that. In the end though, they always get jealous and there’s some sort of drama over your job. It’s not easy.“

Now that he’s contemplating retirement and the days of a different girl every night are behind him, could fatherhood be on the horizon? „I hope so, one day. Yeah,“ he says.

But given his unusual past and experience, Dave is under no illusions about migrating to a more conventional life.

„I know I’m never going to have that normal ‚white picket fence‘ life,“ he concedes. „I guess it’s going to be something a bit different … but you know what, I’m cool with that.“