The Shield – Aceveda erzählt seiner Frau, dass er zu Oralsex gezwungen wurde

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In The Shield, Captain David Aceveda gets jumped by two criminals who manage to disarm him and force him, at gunpoint, to perform oral sex on one of them while the other snaps pictures on a cell-phone. The assault is hugely upsetting, if not explicit: we can hear Aceveda choking, and later, back in the Barn, gagging in the bathroom. And his trauma doesn’t end with the attack. One of the most shocking and upsetting things about Aceveda’s experience is how his wife treats him when she finds out what’s happened to him, shaming him for “letting” the men emasculate him, acting as if it’s impossible that he would be disarmed, and turning away from him rather than comforting him. Later, when he struggles in therapy and she feels like he isn’t making sufficient process, she tells him “I’m tired of feeling like I was raped, too.” It’s a nasty line, and one that gets at the assumption that rape victims are wallowing or oversensitive. Aceveda is presented as a canny operator, a strategic man who is able to put a good face on tough challenges. That he’s this affected by a sexual assault is a statement about how devastating the experience is, no matter your gender. A failure to recover from a sexual assault in a pre-determined time period is not a mark of weakness (nor, I should mention, is bouncing back more quickly a sign of denial).


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