„Pick me Boy“

Als alter Fan des Urban Dictonarys bin ich neulich auf die Bezeichnung „Pick me Boy“ gestoßen:

A guy who uses self depreciation in a manipulative way so a girl will date him. They will say bad things about themselves to try to get the girl to oppose what they’ve said.
Pick me guy: hey
Girl: hi
Pick me guy: you’re so pretty! You probably won’t like me though I’m so ugly
Girl: no, you’re not ugly! I’m sure someone likes you
Pick me boy: really? Do you think I’m cute!
Girl: I don’t really know you, but I’m sure you’re really sweet
Pick me boy: I knew it, you hate me. It’s ok, you can leave. I’m used to it

Pick me boy: you left me on read lol
Pick me boy: showering without you 😦
Pick me boy: u lefts me in read again lol


pick me boy
A guy who try’s to get girls by saying things like „I’m too nice“, „girls don’t like nice guys like me“, „I’m so ugly“, and others of the sort. They claim to be different and how nobody likes them as or how ugly they are as a „flirty“ move to kind of force the girl to have to say „you’re not ugly….“ just so they can take it and say „so you think I’m hot, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I like you“. Will also call you names if you reject them after that line. Moral of the story pick me guys are lowkey just as annoying as pick me girls and usually catch feeling REALLY fast.
„hi “ -guy
„uhh hi“ -girl
„omg you answered  no one ever talks to me “ -guy
„ohhhh…. um (has no clue how to respond) -girl
„I’m so ugly thats why girls don’t like me and I’m just too nice “ -guy
„oh… uh… you’re not ugly ig…“ -girl
„so I’m hot, do you like me “ -guy
„not like that…“ -girl
„OMG TGIS IS EHY NO ONE LIKES YOU, LITTERALLY YOUR SICH A B**** AND YOUR SO EASY, I NRVER LOKED YOU AMYWAYS“ -guy (I spelt things wrong on purpose for this dude)

this a normal convo with a „pick me boy“

Es scheint auch was für beide Lager dabei zu sein:

Boys who have strong opinions on the sole purpose of being „different“ when they’re really only fishing for attention or are uneducated.
„you know that pick-me boy?“

„oh, you’re talking about the black boy who only complains about white girls on his snap story, loves trump, and hates equal rights.“


Any male that acts “woke” or educated in hopes that they will get the approval of females. This could be to feel unique or in hopes that they’ll let them have sex
Matthew is a pick me boy. He’s always posting about how he’s so feminist and he’d probably wear a maid dress for some cooch