„Time’s Up“: Ist das Geld tatsächlich bei den Opfern angekommen?

„Time’s Up“ sollte Frauen in der Filmindustrie, die Opfer sexueller Belästigung geworden sind, helfen und war zu diesen Zweck mit Unterstützung von diversen Schauspielerinnen gegründet worden. Meinen Bericht aus Januar 2018 findet man hier.

Die Daily Mail hat nachgeschaut für was das Geld verwendet worden ist:

  • Tax filings reveal Times‘ Up organization raised $3,670,219 in 2018 in its first year of operation but spent $1,407,032 on salaries and $312,001 on helping victims
  • Documents reveal the organization spent more than $157,000 on a luxury retreat
  • Almost $1m was spend on legal costs and $288,000 on advertising
  • A separate Legal Defense Fund claims to have helped ‚3,000 women‘ during the first six months of 2018 at a cost of $1.7m using money coming from donations 
  • But most of the fund money came from grants made to the Women’s Law Center, while just $132,575 came from the Time’s Up Foundation
  • Time’s Up Now, the charity’s lobbying end, handed over $179,426 to the fund

Aus dem Bericht:

Time’s Up, the organization set up to fight sexual harassment in the work place in the wake of the #MeToo movement, spent the bulk of its donations of executive salaries and only a fraction on legal costs to help victims in its first year, records show.

Tax filings show that the organization, which was founded by Hollywood celebrities and is made up from the Time’s Up Foundation and Time’s Up Now Inc., raised $3,670,219 in 2018 in its first year of operation.

However, less than 10% was spent on helping those women who have experienced sexual harassment. 


Aside from executive compensation, tax filings show that Time’s Up Now, which is the lobbying arm of the organization, was noted to have spent $157,155 on conferences ‚designed to build community and spark critical conversations about gender equity‘, according to the Post.

The conferences included a retreat at a luxury resort and spa in Ojai in June 2018 where a room for the night costs upwards of $400-a-night.

Despite having been in existence six months, those at the conference struggled to  decide what the organization’s mission statement should be, according to one attendee who spoke to the New York Post.

It later changed from ‚Let’s clean up Hollywood‘ to ‚We’re going to help all workers.“ 

Aside from the pricey conferences at country retreats the organization details in its tax filings how it spent $288,007 on advertising, and $940,328 on legal costs. 

A huge chunk of that – $719,522 – went to Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer, a law firm  that frequently lobbies on Capitol Hill.

A total of $112,435 was given to Rally, a public relations company, according to the tax filings.  

Da scheint also viel bei den Angestellten hängen geblieben zu sein, aber wenig bei denen für die es gedacht war. 

Die Organisation selbst dazu:

‚TIME’S UP emerged in 2018 from an international moment of reckoning when women across industries and geographies came together and decided to turn their pain about workplace abuse into action to address systemic inequality. Our first and largest initiative was the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund, a groundbreaking legal advocacy program.

‚TIME’S UP Now raised millions of dollars for the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund by directing people to a GoFundMe page and to make significant pledges in 2018, all of which went directly to the program, which has been housed and administered at the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) Fund LLC from the beginning in order to jumpstart direct support for survivors in need as quickly as possible.

‚Already, the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund has provided legal resources about sex harassment at work to over 5,000 people, three-quarters of whom identify as low-paid workers. In addition, the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund has committed $11 million dollars in direct legal and public relations support for survivors. While most of the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund-backed cases are ongoing, 86 percent of the cases that have been resolved have been resolved in favor of the workers the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund supported.

‚Recognizing that abuses of power like sex harassment are only possible in workplaces that are fundamentally unequal, we also formed the nonprofit organizations TIME’S UP Now and TIME’S UP Foundation to advocate for systemic change across all industries. 

‚Because 2018 was a start-up year for these organizations, it follows that our 2018 expenses were mostly related to our start-up costs, such as legal costs, and recruiting staff that would establish initiatives that would be launched in 2019, such as TIME’S UP Now’s successful push for the TIME’S UP Safety Agenda in New York, TIME’S UP Foundation’s research and policy division, the TIME’S UP Impact Lab, and our Who’s in the Room mentorship program, among others.

‚The nonprofit sector, like many women-dominated fields, has long-grappled with under-compensation of professional employees and staff. Our compensation and benefits structures are competitive, both to reflect our commitment to the values of fair and equal pay and to attract and retain the very best talent to work to address some of the toughest, most entrenched barriers to gender equity,‘ the statement reads.

Jetzt kann es natürlich sein, dass man über Lobbyarbeit Leute dazu gebracht hat an andere, etwa das Womens Law Center zu spenden. Dann wäre die Arbeit weniger die direkte Unterstützung und statt dessen eben die Anwerbung weiterer Gelder.

Dennoch interessant.