Johnny Depp verliert sein Verfahren gegen die Zeitung „Sun“

Das zuständige Gericht hat  – als erste Instanz – die Klage von Johnny Depp abgewiesen. 

Judge brands Johnny Depp ‚a monster‘ who DID beat ex-wife Amber Heard 12 times as he loses £5m ‚wife-beater‘ libel trial – but his lawyers call ruling ‚bewildering‘ and say they will appeal

  • Johnny Depp, 57, has lost his long-running libel battle with his ex-wife Amber Heard and The Sun newspaper
  • The star’s reputation lies in tatters after London’s High Court found he did beat Heard during their marriage 
  • Lawyers for Aquaman star Heard said today that they were ’not surprised‘ by the judgement in her favour
  • Calling ruling ‚perverse‘ and ‚bewildering‘, Depp’s lawyer said it would be ‚ridiculous‘ for the star not to appeal
  • Depp sued The Sun over a 2018 article with the headline: ‚Gone Potty: How can JK Rowling be ‚genuinely happy‘ casting wife beater Johnny Deppin the new Fantastic Beasts film?‘
  • He said the allegations had cost him his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean films
  • The trial was told of Depp’s incredible drinking and cocaine binges, his lavish spending and jet set lifestyle
  • In his ruling, the judge dismissed Depp’s claim saying the publisher proved the article to be ’substantially true‘

Die Klage wurde also abgewiesen, aber Depp kann noch in die nächste Instanz gehen. Das Gericht stellt fest, dass er sie wohl in der Ehe geschlagen hat (was nicht ausschließt, dass sie ihn auch geschlagen hat).

Aus dem Artikel:

Following a sensational 16-day trial London’s High Court Mr Justice Nicol said he accepted that the 57-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean actor became a ‚monster‘ when he binged on drink and drugs.

Jubilant Heard’s lawyers said today they were ’not surprised‘ by her stunning victory in which the judge found she had been beaten by the actor while he was out of control on cocaine, pills and booze.

But Depp’s lawyers blasted the judge, saying, calling the ruling ‚as perverse as it is bewildering‘.

In a statement, the raging actor’s lawyers Schillings said: ‚Most troubling is the Judge’s reliance on the testimony of Amber Heard, and corresponding disregard of the mountain of counter-evidence from police officers, medical practitioners, her own former assistant, other unchallenged witnesses and an array of documentary evidence which completely undermined the allegations, point by point. All of this was overlooked.

‚The judgment is so flawed that it would be ridiculous for Mr Depp not to appeal this decision.‘

The result leaves Depp facing financial ruin, although neither party comes out of the tawdry spectacle completely untarnished as the court was told of allegations of drug-taking and infidelity on both sides.

Depp sued the Sun’s publisher, News Group Newspapers (NGN), and its executive editor, Dan Wootton, over an article published in the Sun in April 2018 that originally carried the headline ‚Gone Potty: How can JK Rowling be ‚genuinely happy‘ casting wife beater Johnny Depp in the new Fantastic Beasts film?‘

Heard, 34, who was the newspaper’s chief witness, tearfully told the court of 14 occasions during their toxic relationship when he assaulted her, providing graphic details of his drink and drugs-fuelled attacks.

Mr Justice Nicol threw out the fallen actor’s claim, saying the publisher had proved what was in the article to be ’substantially true‘.

The judge concluded that Depp had beaten Heard 12 out of the 14 times she had claimed, beginning in 2013 when he slapped the actress across the face when she made a comment about his ‚Winona Forever‘ tattoo.

He dismissed two allegations made by Heard in 2014 and 2015 – but said he couldn’t conclude she had been untruthful about it.

In dismissing Depp’s claims, the judge said: ‚The claimant has not succeeded in his action for libel.

‚Although he has proved the necessary elements of his cause of action in libel, the defendants have shown that what they published in the meaning which I have held the words to bear was substantially true.

‚I have reached these conclusions having examined in detail the 14 incidents on which the defendants rely as well as the overarching considerations which the claimant submitted I should take into account.‘

Man darf gespannt sein, ob es weiter geht.

Ich hatte bei der Auswertung der Aufnahmen damals das Folgende gesagt:

Es scheint mir kein so eindeutiges Bild zu sein, beide scheinen mir ihren Anteil an Gewalt ausgeübt zu haben, er führt an, dass sie beide ziemlich durch waren und beide Opfer sind.

Aber sie hat anscheinend auch mit Sachen geworfen und ordentlich ausgeteilt. Und das ist schon interessant, weil es in den klassischen Betrachtungen den Anteil der Frau meist schlicht nicht gibt. Der Mann ist der Aggressor und das war es.

Aber ich kenne auch die weiteren Aussagen und Schilderungen in dem Fall nicht. Es würde passen, wenn Johnny Depp das Urteil so nicht hinnimmt. Aber man wird sehen, ob er weitermacht oder nicht

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