BBC will ausgewogener werden

Nach der Meldung zu Disney nun noch etwas zum BBC:

The BBC’s new director-general Tim Davie has warned staff need to ‚represent every part of this country‘ as he today arrived for his first day at work amid reports he plans to axe the broadcaster’s ‚left-wing comedies‘.

Wearing a blazer, a shirt and jeans, Mr Davie today arrived at the broadcaster’s offices in Scotland, where he today told staff the BBC needs to keep reforming ‚with urgency‘ and stressed it must be ‚a universal public service‘.

Mr Davie, the former chief executive of BBC Studios, the corporation’s commercial production and distribution arm, is expected to set out his plans for the broadcaster in the coming week, with impartiality a key focus.

He reportedly wants a radical overhaul of the broadcaster’s comedy output in the coming months, over fears it is seen as is seen as ‚too one-sided‘, reports The Telegraph.

Shows such as BBC Two’s satirical comedy The Mash Report and The Now Show on Radio 4 and Have I Got News For You have previously been criticised.


He added: ‚Overall my guiding principle is that we are a universal public service, a BBC for all, that serves and represents every part of this country

‚Our focus must be to ensure that we deliver outstanding and unique value to all audiences, those who pay for us and are in effect our customers, in return for their licence fee.

‚To do this we will need to keep reforming the BBC with urgency so that we are trusted, relevant and indispensable in this digital age.

‚While we do face challenges, the senior team and I are incredibly proud to be leading this organisation and supporting you.

Ich würde eine solche Meldung von den deutschen Öffentlich rechtlichen Sendern begrüßen.

Disneys neue Richtlinie: Profit ist wichtiger als Virtue Signaling

Ein Gerücht besagt, dass Disney gemerkt hat, dass Woke SJWs nicht das Beste für den Profit sind und daher etwas härter durchgreifen will:

A new rumor claims the top priority at Disney that will affect Marvel and Star Wars is to remove SJW employees as the top executives have realized that “Go Woke Go Broke” is not just a slogan.

The rumor comes from YouTuber Overlord Doomcock, who prefaces his information saying, “I have heard the following information once again from a high level source and the persistence of this information leads me to believe there may be something to this story so I am presenting it to you now.”


He states, “My source tells me that huge policy changes are about to be made at Disney. Bad mouthing fans, no matter what they say or what side they are on, will no longer be tolerated. That goes for everyone that works for Disney. Everyone including Brie Larson, including the Lucasfilm Story Group, and everyone that Kathleen Kennedy ever hired.”

Later, Doomcock continues, “I have been told explicitly that even someone like Brie Larson will no longer be able to work at Disney if she takes shots at fans.”

He adds, “The slack attitude and tacit support implied by silence that emboldened these woke wonders to hijack the corporate message and subvert corporate profits is no more.


oomcock then claims that this will also mean changes to how they treat their characters like Luke Skywalker and Nick Fury. He explains, “The Lucasfilm Story Group will no longer be empowered to humiliate Luke Skywalker to strike a blow against the patriarchy. No more will Nick Fury be humiliated by having a pet cat take out his eye.”

He states, “‘Get Woke Go Broke’ is a phrase that resonates with Disney and positive changes are on the way if this leak is true.”

As for why this policy change will be implemented, Doomcock says his source told him that “the economic realities of 2020 coupled with the decline in returns of properties like Star Wars have combined to sober executives up. They realize that fans have been driven away from their precious franchises in droves by identity politics.”

He continues, “Now it is time to get back to business. Time to remember the old adage, ‘The customer is always right.’” The investors and executives are now trying to repair the damage that has been done.”

Das würde für mich Sinn machen. Wo Hardcore Fans von Filmreihen die entsprechenden Filme gleich mehrfach im Kino gesehen haben haben bei Star Wars frühere Hardcore Fans erklärt, dass sie die letzten Filme schlicht ausgelassen haben. Ich glaube auch nicht, dass die Spielfiguren etc so gut gelaufen sind wie früher. Klar haben die Filme immer noch einiges an Geld gemacht. Aber sie haben gleichzeitig mit einer sehr kritischen Resonanz auch den Wert der Marke Star Wars für die Zukunft in Frage gestellt und der Einkauf war nicht gerade billig.

Es gibt schon lange Gerüchte um Machtkämpfe mit Kathleen Kennedy, bei denen sie weitere Projekte umsetzen will, etwa eine Star Wars Show die sich um weibliche Helden drehen soll und Leuten höher in der Disney Hierarchie, die ihr immer mehr die Zügel aus der Hand nehmen wollen. Etwa soll sie an „The Mandalorian“ quasi nicht mehr beteiligt gewesen sein.

Es ist aus meiner Sicht auch verständlich, wenn sie von Angestellten verlangen, dass diese sich nicht mit dem Publikum anlegen. Das ist nie ein guter Zug.

Man darf gespannt sein, was kommt. Der Vertrag von Kathleen Kennedy läuft wohl noch bis 2021