Wie radikale Feministinnen Frauenrechte sehen

Autogynophilie, Transsexualität und sexuelle Belästigung

Ein interessanter, aber inzwischen gelöschter Artikel (er erschien bei „Medium“, dort wird jetzt nur noch angezeigt, dass der gesamte Account der Autorin beendet worden ist, der link war medium.com/@whizzywickinson/i-specialised-in-working-with-male-sexual-offenders-for-twenty-years-for-west-yorkshire-probation-5a70be2e0877) zu dem Kink, sich als Frau zu verkleiden in Abgrenzung zur Transsexualität:

I specialised in working with male sexual offenders for twenty years, for West Yorkshire Probation Service. I worked both in the community and in prisons.

Increasing numbers of Trans Identified Males (TIMs) are using women’s toilets, changing rooms at leisure centres, in clothing shops and gaining access to women’s refuges and women’s prisons, even though they know women don’t want them to, because they feel frightened and unsafe having a male person present. It’s not stopping them and they are forcing their way in, citing “Trans Rights”, regardless of how women feel about it. Service providers are not stopping them for fear of being labelled “transphobic” and “exclusive”, despite UK law upholding single-sex spaces as essential for women.

Many of these TIMs are then escalating the offence caused and taking sexualised photographs of themselves in women’s toilets and publishing their “achievements” online, for other men. The photograph below was taken in a women’s refuge, by a TIM. It is sexualised in nature and he is sporting an erection.

This is evidence of high deviancy in these TIMs’ personalities. These photographs are triumphant trophies to their “achievement” and intended to provoke and offend those who maintain that they should not be in women’s single-sex spaces. They are also used as aids to masturbation, shared online and used as pornography by other men.

Wohlgemerkt: Er sagt nicht, dass alle M->F Transexuellen eigentlich perverse sind, er sagt, dass er unter den „Transsexuellen“, die wegen sexualisierter Taten aufgefallen sind aus seiner Sicht gewisse Muster zu erkennen sind.

When a male sexual offender commits a sexual offence, he also often takes some object to remind him of the experience /offence and he also uses it as an aid to masturbation. This is known as a “trophy-taking”.

Male sexual offenders also have high rates of deviancy and are usually heavy users of pornography. TIMs are reported to immerse themselves in pornography, by women who have been partners of these men for lengthy period of time.

The photographs these TIMs are taking in women’s single-sex spaces are sexualised. They know that they are not wanted in these spaces and why, but they do not care. In fact it arouses them even more. All they care about is feeling validated as a “woman” and sexualising the whole experience. This is pure fetishism and has very little to do with identifying as a “woman”.

Das passt zu dem teilweise aggressiven Auftreten einiger aus diesem Bereich auffällig gewordener, dass man auch über Twitter etc mitbekommt.

These photo-trophies are being shared online and will be used by the TIM and other TIMs to aid masturbation. This is what male sexual offenders, with high deviancy traits do as well. The behaviours are exactly the same, which is very worrying.

There are striking similarities in the behaviours of these TIMs, who are taking sexualised photo-trophies, to be distributed and used as pornography and the behaviours of men convicted of sexual offences. They too take trophies of their “achievement”/offence.

Both TIMs and male sexual offenders evidence high deviancy in their attitudes, which then inform their offending/offensive behaviours. Taking photographs in women’s safe spaces, is highly inappropriate and despite wearing women’s clothing, they are still men.

I am also knowledgeable of the fact that many TIMs are diagnosed with a mental health condition called Autogynephilia. (Auto=self, gym=female, philia=love). Ray Blanchard who is very supportive of TIMs, cross-dressers and transvestites, has written at length about this condition. Very simply put, Autogynephilia (AGP) is a mental health disorder, where men, across the sexualities are sexually aroused by the thought of themselves being women.

Dazu mal aus der Wikipedia:

Autogynophilie (auch Autogynäkophilie und fälschlich Autogynäphilie) (von gr.: auto- „Selbst“, gynaiko- „Frau“, philia „Liebe“: „die eigene Weiblichkeit lieben“) bezeichnet die „paraphile Neigung eines Mannes, sexuelle Erregung durch die Vorstellung von sich selbst als Frau zu erlangen“.[1] Der Begriff ist Teil eines 1989 von Ray Blanchard[2] vorgeschlagenen Erklärungsmodells für Transsexualität und Transvestitismus, welches, im Gegensatz zur Theorie der Geschlechtsidentitätsstörung, diese abweichende sexuelle Präferenz als eine von zwei möglichen Ursachen für das Verlangen nach geschlechtsangleichenden Maßnahmen postuliert. Im DSM-5 ist Autogynophilie als Subtyp der Diagnose „Transvestitische Störung“ klassifiziert.[1]

Demnach wäre Autogynophilie ein Teil der Motivation einiger Transsexueller bzw. Transgender, ihren Körper zu verändern, und Ausdruck der vermuteten „Tatsache“, dass so Veranlagte emotional nicht ausschließlich männlich oder weiblich, sondern eine Mischung aus beidem sind: während der weibliche Persönlichkeitsanteil einer Mann-zu-Frau-Transsexuellen sich einen weiblichen Körper wünscht, um (vermutlich auch sexuell) als weibliches Subjekt agieren zu können, empfindet gleichzeitig der männliche Persönlichkeitsanteil die an sich selbst vorgestellten weiblichen Körpermerkmale als sexuell anregende Phantasie.

Das Modell beschreibt Transfrauen (Mann-zu-Frau-Transsexuelle), die sich sexuell gar nicht bzw. nicht ausschließlich von Männern angezogen fühlen, einschließlich lesbischer (gynophiler), bisexueller und asexueller Transfrauen. Es sagt aus, dass Transfrauen, deren sexuelles Begehren nicht auf Männer ausgerichtet ist, stattdessen sexuelle Erregung durch die Vorstellung von sich selbst als Frau erlangen.

Blanchard konzentriert seine Forschungen über Geschlechtsidentitätsstörungen auf sogenannte „autogynophile Transsexuelle“. Dabei bezeichnet er Mann-zu-Frau-Transsexuelle als „Männer mit einer Geschlechtsidentitätsstörung“. Eine Transfrau mit geschlechtsangleichender Operation ist nach seiner Auffassung ein „Mann ohne Penis“ (Armstrong 2004).

In seiner Terminologie sind Transfrauen, die sexuell ausschließlich zu Männern hin orientiert sind, androphile bzw. homosexuelle Transsexuelle. Dies ist für die Vertreter dieser Theorie die einzig andere mögliche Ursache für den Wunsch nach einem Geschlechtswechsel.

Transmänner (Frau-zu-Mann-Transsexuelle) betrachtet Blanchard nur am Rande. Er ordnet alle Betroffenen einem homosexuellen Typus zu, nimmt also einheitlich eine auf Frauen bezogene sexuelle Orientierung an. Dies steht im Widerspruch zu Erfahrungsberichten, denen zufolge mindestens ein Drittel aller Transmänner sexuell ausschließlich auf Männer hin orientiert sei und viele sich als bisexuell einstuften

Der Artikel führt dann noch einiges an Kritik an diesen Thesen an, aber auch Zustimmung. Insofern interessant zu lesen

Autogynephiliacs dress up as women, apply make-up and sport feminine hair styles. They affect their mannerisms and talk in a higher voice, than they normally would do. The more people who mistake them for a woman, or they feel that they “pass”, the greater the sexual arousal they experience. It very addictive.

AGPs are known to access women’s toilets and masturbate in the cubicles, on hearing them urinate and defecate I have spoken to women who have been married to TIMs and they report that they also rifle through sanitary bins, seeking used sanitary towels and tampons to sniff and use, to feel like they are having periods of their own.

I first read about this a few years ago, but I dismissed it as being sensationalist and in poor taste. It would seem that I was wrong to dismiss it, because I have heard similar accounts a number of times, from women who have spent decades with these men, as their wives and I have seen it depicted on TIM web sites devoted to this practice.

Autogynephilia like most addictions, requires more and more affirmation of their “woman-ness” to keep the fantasy alive, hence the pillaging of sanitary bins for used products.

It is clear to me that many TIMs are acting out a sexual kink, or a fetish, rather than exercising a desire to merely identify as a “woman”, as they and the transgenderist movement would have us believe.

TIMs are exhibiting sexually deviant behaviours in women’s spaces and celebrating it. The taking of trophy-photographs that are shared online with others of the same ilk, to be used as AGP pornography is evidence of this. Their masturbation to the sound of women urinating and defecating and the desire to be in women’s spaces, despite not being wanted there, is alarming. These are sexual predators by anyone’s definition and they need to stay out of women’s single-sex spaces.

85% of them do not seek gender reassignment surgery and retain their penises. They therefore still present a sexual risk to women and girls, of rape, and of harmful sexualised behaviours, as can all men regardless of how they chose to identify.

A TIM prisoner called Karen White, who was a convicted sexual offender and multiple rapist, with violent and sexual offences against children, was placed in a women’s prison because “she” identified as a “woman”. White had not undergone any gender reassignment surgery and retained a fully functioning penis. In only three months of being at HMP New Hall, “she” committed two further sexual assaults on young women in the prison. The Ministry of Justice eventually apologised for this incident, after White received a life sentence and was returned to a male establishment.

As a sexual offender specialist with twenty years experience of sexually abusive men and as a woman myself, this all causes me a great deal of concern. I am concerned for the safety of women and girls in toilets, changing rooms, refuges and prisons, where these TIMs with AGP and who identify as “women”, have demanded access and got it.

Feminists and women’s groups, who are gender critical, have been vilified and presented as bigots, Terfs, transphobes and scare-mongers, by those who want “Trans Rights” imposed at any cost and over every other consideration, even women’s safety.

In conclusion, toilets, leisure centre changing rooms, women’s prisons and women’s refuges should be single-sex and stay single-sex, to protect women and girls from these behaviours and abuses from men, however they choose to identify and however loud “Trans Rights” is shouted.

Das wäre erst einmal ein klassische TERF-Meinung für viele Feministinnen und radikale Transsexuelle.

Allerdings scheint es mir gerade nach Jessica Yaniv die Theorie, dass es für einige ein Fetisch sein könnte, der sie dazu bringt, immer absurdere Forderungen der Anerkennung zu stellen („mein Penis ist weiblich“) gar nicht mehr so unwahrscheinlich. Leute dazu zwingen zu können, dass sie einen als Fraue die weiblichen Hoden enthaaren wäre da vielleicht tatsächlich ein großer Antörner.