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Die Hälfte der britischen Wähler wollen ein „Ministerium für Männer“

Eine interessante Umfrage aus Großbritanien:

  • Third of fathers with children under 18 won’t see their offspring this Father’s Day
  • One in five said they fear losing, or had already lost contact, with their children
  • The polling was commissioned by the controversial Fathers 4 Justice group

Half of the public want Britain’s next Prime Minister to create a ‚Minister for Men‘, a poll shows.

The survey from respected pollsters ComRes reveals more than a third of fathers with children under 18 will not see their offspring this Father’s Day – an estimated 2.3 million men.

And one in five dads said they fear losing, or had already lost contact, with their children, with 22 per cent knowing someone who had experienced this.

A third of men have suffered, or knew someone who had suffered, distress or mental health issues after being denied access to their children.

Founder Matt O’Connor said the public should look beyond ‚the activities of our supporters, climbing on buildings dressed as Batman and Robin‘ and examine the figures that ‚lay bare the appalling scale and reality of the challenges fathers face on a daily basis‘.

‚Denial of access to their children, estrangement and mental health problems for millions of men has become the norm,‘ he added.

‚Worryingly as we celebrate the role and importance of fathers, few politicians seem bothered to raise these issues, or put forward solutions.‘

The group believes the problems facing men are so acute that the next Prime Minister must appoint a ‚Minister for Men and Boys‘.

And half of British adults surveyed by ComRes agreed that given there is a Minister for Women and Equalities, there should be a Minister for Men. Only one in six members of the public disagree.

The polling also showed nearly half of adults surveyed agreed that organisations such as the Child Support Agency and Child Maintenance Service ‚do not treat fathers as equally as mothers‘, with just seven per cent disagreeing.

When asked whether they agree or disagree that ‚family courts treat fathers as equally as mothers‘, just one in five agreed.

Wäre ja mal eine interessante Umfrage in Deutschland. Insbesondere wenn man sie mit der Väterproblematik kombiniert.

Ein gesondertes Ministerium für Männer, nicht besetzt mit Profeministischen Männern, sondern solchen, die sich tatsächlich den Männern verpflichtet sehen, wäre sehr interessant. Es würde bestimmt wiederholt mit dem Ministerium für „Frauen und Gedöns“ aneinandergeraten.

Auch interessant weil sich dahinter, wenn die Zahlen stimmen, durchaus ein Wählerpotential verbirgt.