Selbermach Samstag 239 (18.05.2019)

Welche Themen interessieren euch, welche Studien fandet ihr besonders interessant in der Woche, welche Neuigkeiten gibt es, die interessant für eine Diskussion wären und was beschäftigt euch gerade?

Welche interessanten Artikel gibt es auf euren Blogs? (Schamlose Eigenwerbung ist gerne gesehen!)

Welche Artikel fandet ihr in anderen Blogs besonders lesenswert?

Welches Thema sollte noch im Blog diskutiert werden?

Für das Flüchtlingsthema gibt es andere Blogs

Ich erinnere auch noch mal an Alles Evolution auf Twitter und auf Facebook.

Es wäre nett, wenn ihr Artikel auf den sozialen Netzwerken verbreiten würdet.

Wer mal einen Gastartikel schreiben möchte, der ist dazu herzlich eingeladen

„Liebe Feministinnen: Wir Männer schulden euch auch nichts“

Eine Antwort auf den hier bereits kurz verlinkten Text dazu, dass Frauen Männern nichts schulden:

It is a painful exercise to reflect back, to this man-hating feminist author, what she projects on to Men. — John

Dear Feminists: We don’t owe you a thing.

We don’t owe you a thing simply because we are studs, guys, boys, macho, a Man, a member of the strong sex, trousers, passionate lovers, born from a mother’s womb — in other words, a Man.

We don’t owe you compliments or appreciation to brighten up your day because of your inability to discipline your emotions, that you now believe rule the world, or owe you complete relief from responsibility for your toxic feminism. Men will speak out when you hatefully demonize them.

We don’t owe you silence when you endlessly rant and rave about how you hate men, and how you have no responsibilities, like other humans, to be civil, decent and responsible to others (including Men and Boys).

We don’t owe you an apology when we gaze at your display of your body to flaunt your sexual power, or foster hatred of men with your unending pettiness and lack of self-awareness.

We don’t owe you our laughter so that you can feel like “one of the guys” after whining about men, male sexuality, and Men’s natural joie de vive. We don’t owe you any worship of your vagina.

We don’t owe you support for your hatred of men, or any responsibility to include you in our brotherly celebrations, so that you can satiate your penis envy.

We don’t owe you our friendship after you rape and molest us and our boys, at will, because our culture shelters you with denial over your epidemic sexual misconduct and narcissistic entitlement to irresponsible sex. We don’t owe you sex.

We don’t owe you support, or money, for working less than men, and, working safely, in sheltered jobs while men bear 95% of work casualties.

We don’t owe you housework after we mow the lawn, paint the house, fix and repair the car and the home, and work twice as much as you.

We don’t owe you our patience when you are constantly whining about your feelings of inferiority and trying to take them out on us. We don’t owe you any duty to avert our gaze, or refrain from expressing our feelings and demanding that you mutually care for and respect us.

We don’t owe you a “thank you” when you tell us that we are caring and sensitive like a “good man” should really be. Caring and sensitivity is our nature, but we don’t owe it to you.

We don’t owe you a response when you text, DM, or air drop us unsolicited demands for power in our relationship, or hints about your insecurities in our relationship because you are not willing to give without strings attached.

We don’t owe you any attention when you dress like a cheap hooker, or try to flaunt your sexuality to appease your ego.

We don’t owe you diets, exercise, hair, height or money so that you can live out your fantasies from soap operas, so that you can treat us like your trophy.

We don’t owe you our time just because we let you have sex with us.

We don’t owe you a world in which nothing matters but you, or, a surrender of our needs to feed your narcissistic compulsions to consider only yourself.

We don’t owe you explanations of why Men’s rights are human rights, or why it is wrong for women to vote without having to be at risk for a draft into the military, or why men are not protected from women who sexually assault us, or falsely accuse us.

We don’t owe you a sympathetic shoulder when you fantasize about being so sexually powerful that men are compelled to rape and sexually assault you, then, you falsely accuse men to demonstrate your imagined irresistible sexual power over men.

We don’t owe you protection from your own hatred of men and male sexuality that distorts your memories of consenting sex so that you can brag that you were “sexually assaulted” when our relationship ends.

We don’t owe you a belief in your phony sexual assault stories in which you imagine that you are a victim of men who graciously consented to having sex with you.

We don’t owe you credibility in the face of frequent liars like Asia Argento (who raped a 17 year old boy then accuses men), and Christine Blasey Ford who basked in the limelight that so many false accusers crave.

We don’t owe you anonymity when you seek to destroy men, to sate your perverted sense of power, by making false accusations against men.

We don’t owe you a public defense for raping boys at an epidemic rate, simply because you don’t have the maturity to have a relationship with a mature man, and because you get your freak on from manipulating vulnerable boys.

We don’t owe you our bodies simply because you want sex and expect us to always make the first advance, or, because we are married to you, or you aren’t attractive to us.

We don’t owe you forgiveness just because you cry, and find excuses in your feminist diatribes for shaming men and putting guilt on men for not appeasing your ego.

We don’t owe you a compromise when you are acting irresponsibly, irrationally, or in a self-induced rage of self-righteousness born out of your hatred of men and masculinity.

We don’t owe you respect when we demand that you earn it as men have to earn respect.

Lastly, we don’t owe you an education on how to treat men as human beings simply because they are Men and have unique needs and abilities — Actually, you owe it to us.



Es ist natürlich ein Antworttext, und als solcher zu lesen, also in vielen Fällen schlicht ein Umkehrung.  Aber dennoch eine schöne Sammlung von Erwiderungen.