„Ich schulde euch Männern nichts“ (inklusive einer langen Liste, was sie ihnen alles nicht schuldet)

In einem Artikel führt eine Feministin auf, dass sie Männern gar nichts schuldet. Hier ein Auszug, der Artikel besteht nur aus solchen Auflistungen:

Dear Men,

I don’t owe you a thing simply because I’m a broad, a chick, a girl, a gal, a chica, a lady, a member of the fair sex, a skirt, a pair of tits and ass, borne from Adam’s rib — in other words, a woman.

I don’t owe you a smile on your cue to brighten up your day because your inability to regulate your own emotions, that you now hold me responsible for, was always dismissed as “boys will be boys.”



Ich fand einen Kommentar dazu gar nicht schlecht:

Interesting, but sadly typical hateful, and misandry laced rant. Christina, I hate to burst your bubble in the middle of your faux righteous indignation, but if you feel the need to tell us everything you do not owe men or try to convince us how much contempt you have for the types of men you describe, then the only thing you will accomplish is to invalidate your point and your own feelings about it by making yourself look just like every other person who complains about a problem yet lacks the courage to really do anything about it.

Hate in any form never inspires change. Neither does displaying your anger in such an unproductive way as you have done here. Ok you hate the men that have done you wrong. We get it . I am sure you have made your disdain for those types of men quite clear long before you wrote this article. All this article serves to accomplish now is to beg for the validation of those within your own echo chamber. Nothing more. Your words are not likely to bring about the changes you wish to see nor are they likely to shame the types of men you describe into changing their behavior towards you. In fact you will probably end up drawing more of that aggression to you.

As a man, who is happily married and has been for 8 years, I can tell you honestly, that I do not care how you feel, or what you think, and neither does a lot of truly strong women out there, like my wife. So you have had to deal with some negative people in your life and continue to have to deal with them. So what. Everyone deals with those types of people be they men or women. If you think an article in which you complain and whine about what you do not owe men and what you dislike about them is going to do anything but get the accolades of your echo chamber, then you are deluding yourself. The bottom line is if you want things to change, then you have to be the change you wish to see. If all you can do is complain from your computer vomiting forth articles like this one, then you do not deserve to be treated any differently than the ways you have described in which you have apparently been mistreated in the past.

I do not expect you to owe me or any man anything, yet we do not owe you anything either. So either keep crying about and complaining about it, or put on your big girl panties and your marching boots and get out there and make your voice really heard, by putting action to your words. Otherwise you aren’t deserving of support, much less anyone’s attention.

Das alte Prinzip: Sich beschweren und hoffen, dass die anderen etwas ändern bringt wenig. Man muss im Endeffekt etwas machen, damit eine Änderung eintritt. Männer schulden ihr eben eben so wenig etwas, wie sie Männer etwas schuldet.