Interesse nach Fähigkeiten vs. Fähigkeiten durch Beschäftigung

Aus dem Link:

She and her colleagues tested more than 300 students in their spatial cognition, and also quizzed them about their background, including what science they studied in high school, what their SAT scores were, and whether they had played video games or with construction toys in their childhood.  They found, as expected, great variation in the spatial cognition test, and they also found that the male students, on average, scored better than the female students.

Construction toys make a difference

But when it came to video games and construction toys, they found something very interesting.  Students who had played with certain video games – adventure games with complex maps, certain sports games, and simulation games like Minecraft, as well as those who had played with construction toys like Lego, tended to be good at spatial cognition. Even more interesting they found that there was no difference in spatial cognition between males and females – if both had played with these games or toys.

While Dr. Gold points out that this is just a correlation, it does suggest that it might be gendered play – rather than innate ability – that could explain the sex differences in spatial cognition abilities. She says evidence supports the idea that these skills are trainable, as well. „I’m a parent of two girls, and I’m totally on board ever since we did this study, I’m always for playing Legos with my girls.“

Wie wohl das Ergebnis wäre, wenn Kinder mit guten räumlichen Denkvermögen lieber mit Spielzeug spielen würden, welches gutes räumliches Denkvermögen erfordert?

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2 Gedanken zu “Interesse nach Fähigkeiten vs. Fähigkeiten durch Beschäftigung

  1. Jetzt muss nur noch einer unseren sozialistischen Overlords tweeten, dass bitte bis Weihnachten 2018 alle weibischen Spielzeuge zu vernichten sind.
    (Auch Schundromane)

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