Endlich gestehen Männer ihre schändlichen Taten:

Das Alter von Vergewaltigungsopfern

Dazu dürfte allerdings auch beitragen, dass in den Fällen von Kindesmißbrauch meist die Kinder in einem Näheverhältnis zum Täter stehen, in dem es dann immer wieder zu Übergriffen kommt und dann eine Vielzahl von Fällen angezeigt werden.

Interessant ist auch, dass es gewisse Übereinstimmungen mit dieser Kurve gibt:

Unfruchtbarkeit Frau Alter

Unfruchtbarkeit Frau Alter

Was Männer nach Vorstellung radikaler Feministinnen machen können um Frauen zu helfen

Im Rahmen von „HowIwillchange“ wurden auch von einer Twitter-Nutzerin Tipps für Männer veröffentlicht,  was Männer machen können, um die Situation für Frauen zu verbessern.

Hier sind die Tipps:

But if you’re a man unsure of what you can do right now to support women, instant changes you can make this very second in your daily life that will make life better for women (and, bonus, for men too!), here you go:

  1. Overcome your own transphobia. Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Accept the lived truth of NB and GNC people, whether or not they are women.
  2. Be pro-choice and be vocal in support of reproductive rights. (And generous! Give to the National Network of Abortion Funds!) Understand that the opposite of reproductive choice is forced childbearing.
  3. Support subsidized birth control. Support women’s healthcare. Support women’s preventative healthcare. Support medical trials that include (or even prioritize) women.
  4. Support nontaxed menstrual products. Ask your workplace if tampons and pads are free. If they’re not, advocate for them to be free. Get over any embarrassment you may have about menstruation.
  5. Vocally advocate at your workplace for longer and more egalitarian paid parental leave, whether or not parenthood is part of your life. Advocate for lactation spaces. Advocate for on-site or subsidized childcare.
  6. Tell your elected officials that you are a man who votes and you prioritize women’s issues when you decide who to vote for. Then actually prioritize women’s issues when you decide who to vote for. Understand that women’s issues are your issues.
  7. Whenever you are in a group composed of only men (whether it’s social, work, church, or whatever) ask yourself why there are no women present. Then ask out loud why. Force an honest answer.
  8. Cultivate genuine, intimate, nonsexual friendships with women.
  9. Seek out women to be your heroes and mentors.
  10. Any time you see a building, street, institution, etc. named for a man, see how long it takes you to spot another one named for a woman. (Any time you see one named for a woman, check to see if it’s on something oriented specifically toward women, children, or families. Odds are good it will be!)
  11. Ask yourself what things you don’t do, for whatever reason, that you also think of as something women tend to do. (Sew? Send birthday cards? Care about skincare?) Try doing it for a while, just to see what it’s like to be a person who does the thing.
  12. Talk less. In all spaces. At all times. At a lower volume.
  13. When you need support, reach out to men as well as women. Work to be a person your friends of all genders can reach out to when they need support. Create a culture of openness around yourself.
  14. Consume media marketed to women. Don’t perform your consumption.
  15. Deprogram your beliefs about thinness being an optimal state of feminine beauty. Deprogram your beliefs that your desire matters in determining a woman’s worth.
  16. Jerk off without porn for a while.
  17. Learn about racism and intersectionality, and do everything you can to empower and amplify black women and NBWOC.
  18. Detach yourself from straw-man definitions for hot-button issues (intersectionality, cultural appropriation, political correctness, preferred pronouns, etc.) and learn what they’re really about. Unpack the real meanings behind phrases like “SJW” and “feminazi.” Believe people when they say they’re in pain.
  19. Prioritize kindness.
  20. Befriend children.

There are infinitely more things you can do. This is just a start. Pick a few that seem easy — and at least one that seems hard — and start doing them today. You start the rest tomorrow.

Klingt nach dem typischen feministischen Ratschlägen. Akzeptiere alles, unterwerfe dich bedingungslos und richte dein Leben neu auf Frauen aus.
Was sagt ihr zu den Tipps?