„In der feministischen Zukunft werden alle Minderheiten das Recht auf die Objektifizierung haben, die sie wollen“

Ein anderer passender Artikel zu dem Thema „feministisch richtiges Begehren“

Dort heißt es:

In a society that either desexualizes or hypersexualizes trans and gender nonconforming people, my whole existence is pretty much devoid of good sexual energy. While many of my cis women friends are trying to figure out how to drain out a swamp of unwanted male attention, I’m stuck in a desert trying to suck water from a cactus.

Jacob Tobia
Jacob Tobia

I can show literally my entire leg and get nothing. I can wear a skimpy dress to a club and people just look the other way. I can wear five inch heels and, while I might get lots of attention, it won’t be sexual attention. Instead of being a “madonna” or a “whore,” I’m simply considered a “diva” or a “freak” (and not the good kind). In the very best case scenario, when my sexual agency and desirability are recognized (about as often as a total solar eclipse, tbh), it’s almost always as “an experiment,” or as “something exotic,” a weak, token attempt to diversify someone else’s sexual portfolio.

I want to be sexually objectified and it never happens. I want people to appreciate the time and effort that I put into my body and my look. I want people to look at my perfectly applied lipstick and want me because of it. I want my long legs to give people feels. I want to dance on the bar and leave boys breathless, panting, and desperate to talk to me.

Natürlich ist es vollkommen okay, wenn man begehrt sein möchte. Wer möchte das nicht. Aber hier finde ich es ja doch erstaunlich. Es ist verständlich, dass die Leute nicht auf das Bein oder die Absatzschuhe reagieren, weil sie (er?)  schlicht eher wie ein Freak aussieht. Ich kann verstehen, dass weder Frauen noch Männer sich sonderlich angesprochen fühlen.

Das mag hart klingen, aber es gibt eben keinen Anspruch darauf, dass man als sexy wahrgenommen wird. Attraction is not not a choice

Das wird dort aber anders gesehen:

I think it begins with each of us shifting our internal monologue. It begins with learning to admit that it is okay to desire consensual objectification. If we want it, it is okay to enjoy being looked at. It is okay to enjoy being thought about and desired. It is human.

I want to be objectified in certain circumstances and in certain places. I want to be objectified at a gala when I’ve spent five hours on my makeup and weeks picking out the perfect dress. I want to be objectified when you’re looking at my picture on Tinder. I want to be objectified at a friend’s intimate cocktail party, when I’m lounging on the couch with my legs intentionally positioned just so. I want to be objectified in a nightclub when I’m dancing on the bar, and I want you to continue to objectify me when I’m back on the dancefloor. I’m even okay being objectified in the grocery store (but only when there’s comedic value, like when I’m shopping for bananas or cucumbers or vegan sausages or something).

And just because I want to be objectified in some places, that doesn’t mean that I want to be objectified in all places. I don’t want to be objectified in the office. I don’t want to be objectified in a meeting with a producer or an editor. I don’t want to be objectified by a director on set. I don’t want to be objectified on the street or on the subway or in the parking lot when I’m trying to get through my day. And if you see me in a coffee shop working on an article for Playboy, please don’t objectify me then either because odds are I’m in the zone and just need to get this shit done. (…)

In a feminist future, we stop saying that all objectification is categorically bad. In a feminist future, all trans people, people of size, people of color, and people with different abilities have the chance to get the types (if any) of objectification that we crave. In a feminist future, we each have the chance to own the types of objectification (if any) that we like and the types of objectification that we’d rather do without.

Dabei geht es darum, dass gefälligst Transsexuelle genauso ein Recht darauf haben, als begehrenswert angesehen zu werden wie andere. Wie man Begehren auf diese Weise steuern sollte bleibt unklar, es folgt schlicht daraus, dass die Welt gerecht ist.

Hardcore Transaktivisten sind, ich hatte es an anderer Stelle schon gesagt, mit die verrücktesten Feministen, die es gibt, weil sie jede Andersbehandlung als nach dem gewünschten Geschlecht als Transfeindlichkeit ansehen. Wer also die oben dargestelle Person nicht schön findet, der ist damit transfeindlich. Eine nichttransfeindliche Person würde schlicht eine (wunderschöne) Frau sehen und sie als solche akzeptieren.