Diversität als Virtue Signalling für Unternehmen

Die Herald Sun berichtet über die Anfänge der Diversity-Abteilungen:

“Diversity started out as an attempt by some big companies to soften their image”, one said.

“None of the CEOs like being attacked as greedy capitalists, so they used diversity as a shield, as corporate virtue signalling”.

Another argued: “These businesses are usually in oligopoly markets where making money is easy, so financially they can afford to carry the indulgence of diversity and overstaffed diversity units.”

“The big banks, for example, don’t really compete against each other, they’re government guaranteed.”

“Wait for the next recession, the diversity units will be the first ones sacked.”

Then I received a vivid account of how much small- to medium-sized businesses despise the diversity agenda.

“Every business we deal with thinks it’s rubbish, and the small guys can’t afford it anyway.”

“Job applicants are always different, so if you are serious about making a dollar you have no choice but to hire the best people available.”

“The big corporates are at war with this reality.”

It was a great discussion.

Not only do we need new Federal parliamentary laws to restore Australian meritocracy.

We also need a new round of fierce market competition to wipe out the indulgences of corporate socialism and faux diversity.

Um so weniger Konkurrenz, um so eher kann man Geld für Diversity Managment verschleudern. Würde immerhin erklären, warum Google in dem Bereich so stark aufgestellt ist