Der ereignislose Besuch einer „nur für Frauen“-Vorstellung von Wonder Women

In New York gibt es ein Verbot jemanden wegen seines Geschlechtes bei öffentlichen Veranstaltungen zu diskriminieren, dennoch bot eine Kinokette „women only“-Vorstellungen des gerade laufenden Films „Wonder Woman“ an.

Ein Reporter erklärte daraufhin, dass er sich ein Ticket für diese Veranstaltung gekauft hatte und diese besuchen wollte.
Feministinnen regten sich darüber auf, dass ein Mann ihnen nicht dieses Ereignis lassen wollte, beispielsweise sei hier Valenti zitiert:

Natürlich eine ganz klassische Beleidigung nach dem evolutionären Partnerwert.

Der tatsächliche Besuch verlief dann wesentlich unproblematischer als man es bei dieser Aufregung erwarten konnte:

To avoid any possible conflicts in the lobby or media (The Daily Show had offered to tag along to “document” the adventure, as did provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. I declined both.) I purchased tickets to an earlier showing of another film, then simply walked past security into the theater showing Wonder Woman directly across.

When I took my seat there were no hisses. No soda bombs. No photographs. No Daily Show ambushes or mobs of proud boys, whatever the hell they are. No managers asking me to leave.

I was greeted by a lovely waitress who asked to see my ticket and nothing more. So again, why the controversy over a summer superhero film that had very little cultural controversy leading up to it’s release?


By the reaction upon arrival, it became apparent how Twitter outrage is not real life (surprise) and as I had predicted, that no one in the theater would care. This was a movie theater, not a college campus and everyone there was there for the same reason. It’s the most anti-climatic case of a man buying a movie ticket in recent history. 

Er machte aber eine andere interessante Beobachtung:

Any apprehension dissipated, not when the movie started, but during the preview of the upcoming Justice League film, strangely enough. When Aquaman’s Jason Mamoa came on screen with water splashing all over his tanned, shirtless tattooed chest, an entire theater of women wooed and whistled. They totally objectified him. There were similar hollers at the screen when Chris Pine emerges nude from a bath early on in Wonder Woman and awkward tension between his character Steve Trevor and Gal Gadot’s title character.

Ich bin entsetzt!

Zum Schluss schreibt der Autor, dem der Film im übrigen gut gefallen hat:

In the end, what made Alamo’s publicity stunt all the more head scratching, is the character arc of Wonder Woman herself. While her all female family clan of Amazons believe mankind isn’t worth the effort because of their own superiority, Diana Prince believes in fighting for both her species, and mankind, equally, to better both of their worlds. 

Wonder Woman is only a movie. It doesn’t belong to women or men, the right or the left. It belongs to anyone who chooses to participate in it, regardless of what one group of people say, or one movie theater chain.

Lustigerweise hatten sich die Feministinnen ja auch mal aufgeregt, als Wonder Women zur UN- Sonderbotschafterin ernannt werden sollte: Sie sei zu unfeministisch dafür.