Our conclusion thus has to be that the gender pay gap that we’re seeing isn’t a result of societal discrimination against women (nor of such discrimination in favor of fathers, something that no one at all is complaining it is) but instead a result of the choices that people make about how the kids are going to be cared for and who does it.

This might, of course, still be something that we want to do something about. But if it’s not the employers discriminating then shouting at employers not to discriminate isn’t going to make any difference. And if it really is true that as a mammalian and viviparous species then we’ve a natural tendency to split child care and market earnings in an asymmetric manner then, well, it’s going to require a rather large change in either human nature or behavior to achieve, isn’t it? And thus it might just be, this gender pay gap, one of these things that just doesn’t have a solution.