Postfaktisch und Truthiness


2 Gedanken zu “Postfaktisch und Truthiness

  1. In Laughlab schreibt Richard Wiseman

    Theory One – Superiority
    Why do people tend to laugh when someone slips over a banana skin or has a custard pie slapped into their face?
    Well, according to one theory of humour, we laugh because these types of situations make us feel superior to other people. The person who tripped over the banana skin or was the recipient of the custard pie, has been made to look silly and that makes us feel good. In fact, it makes us feel so good that we laugh.

    Es ist eine der beliebtesten Humorausprägungen in Amerika und aus linken politischen Shows wie der Daily Show nicht wegzudenken.

    The american comic hero is a wisecracker who is above his material and who is above the idiots around him.
    And the british comic… Do you know that scene in Animal House where there is a fellow playing folk music on a guitar and John Belushi picks up the guitar and smashes it and the cinema loves it, he just destroys it and waggles his eyebrows at the camera and the audience thinks Wow, he’s so great.
    And the british comedian, he would want to play the folk singer.

    Wenn die Democrats aber grad auf dramatische Weise eine sicher geglaubte Wahl versenkt haben, wirkt dieser immer noch hochgehaltene Superiority-Gestus der Linken auf mich in erster Linie kläglich.

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