„Über Männer herzuziehen ist feministisches Virtue Signalling“

Genderama zitiert einen interessanten Text, den ich auch hier einmal zur Diskussion stellen möchte:

As a student at a women’s college, there is nothing more disturbing for me to see than the male-bashing pervasive throughout my campus culture. From jokes about the fragility of masculinity to giving trigger warnings for any mention of men, I see an absurd level of distrust, scorn and contempt towards men coming from my feminist peers.

While the male-bashing antics at my school may be exceptional, since I’m at a women’s college, this type of competitive male-bashing happens at other colleges too. At every institution, men are demonized while women are exalted.

This paradigm pervades society. Male bashing is sacrosanct to feminist virtue signaling. Feminists demonize men, particularly college men, to establish their own moral high ground. Nowhere is this more common than on college campuses.

This feminist war on college men must end. Not only is it unjust, but it is disastrous for gender harmony.

(…) According to contemporary feminism, the choice religion among female college students, men can’t do anything right. They manspread, they mansplain, they are all potentially violent, and they suffer from the incurable ailment of toxic, yet fragile, masculinity.

When college begins, males lose the inculpability that childhood confers just as their female compatriots discover feminism. Since children can do no wrong, boys aren’t problems in feminist parlance until they become men. Where do boys become men? Often, this happens on college campuses. As soon as they become men, they are under attack.

So, how can feminists end the disastrous war they’ve waged on college men?

First, to borrow an imperative from safe-space culture, feminists must assume good-intentions from men. The world will never be a safe space for men if feminists fail to uphold safe space guidelines with interacting with them. Failing to assume good intentions leads to an environment where male bashing becomes a competitive sport.

As Nahema Marchal wrote in Heat Street, „To use social justice terms, the only thing [male bashing] does is essentialize and alienate an entire demographic to the point of harming the very cause of progress.“

Indeed, this harms progress. Feminists should not promote rhetoric that casts men as a class in a negative light. Men’s Rights Activists would benefit their cause if they stopped denigrating women as a class, too.

(…) Second, feminists must support due process for men facing allegations of sexual misconduct. Since the release of the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter, there have been dozens of cases of men suspended from college without due process. Feminists have tarnished the public image of men to the point where men are often assumed to be guilty before they can even claim innocence. Due process ameliorates this unfortunate circumstance.

(…) Feminists can still support rape-victims while supporting due process. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Finally, feminists must adopt men’s causes as their own. These causes include poor male academic achievement, discrimination in the court and legal system, and many other issues. With this, men will stop being resentful that their interests have been forgotten by mainstream activism movements.