„Gewalt gegen Frauen hat zu mehr Toten geführt als alle Kriege“

Emma Watson soll folgendes gesagt haben:

Violence against women resulted in more deaths than all the wars and conflicts of the past century combined, according to actress Emma Watson.

As part of her work as an United Nations Women Goodwill ambassador, Watson recently launched a feminist book club, Our Shared Self, and spoke with feminist icon Gloria Steinem in London. Beyond revelations about Watson’s similarity to Hermione, her newhairdo and her research into female sexual pleasure, the Harry Potter star also shared a statistic that “blindsided” her from the book, Sex & World Peace. (“The two things we want, right?” quipped Steinem.)

“There are now 101.3 men to every 100 women on the planet. So women are no longer half of humanity,” Watson said on Feb. 24. “I’m quoting the book here but it says, ‘More lives are lost from violence against women, sex-selective abortion, female infanticide, suicide, egregious maternal mortality, and other sex-linked causes than were lost during all of the wars and civil strife of 20th century.’ “

Der gleiche Artikel hat sich die Quelle ihrer Aussage angeschaut und mal wieder festgestellt, dass diese Zahlen keineswegs fair ermittelt sind:

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