Transsexualität, Hormonbehandlung und die Libido

Die Wirkung von Testosteron auf den Sextrieb / die Libido war hier schon häufiger Thema.

Hier habe ich noch eine Schilderung, wie Transsexuelle die Veränderung des Sexualtriebs in die eine und in die andere Richtung mit einem Anheben oder Absenken des Testosteronsspiegels empfinden:

Hier eine Schilderung eines F–>M Transsexuellen

When I started testosterone a dozen years ago, I expected my sex drive to increase. The “horror” stories are a part of trans man lore, passed down from generation to generation as we all gear up for male adolescence, no matter how old we are, and take out a line of credit at the adult toy store.

And it did increase, within about four days of my first shot, and I basically squirmed a lot for two years before I got used to it. But I was planning for that. Here are the things that took me by surprise:

  • It became very focused on one thing – the goal, the prize, the end. That doesn’t mean that I was not able to “make love.” What it does mean is that there was a madness to my method, because it was goal-oriented. There was a light at the end of the tunnel. There was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There was an unguarded hoop just waiting for a slam dunk – score!
  • It became very visual. I saw it, I wanted it – whatever it was. This was a new experience for me, because, in the past, I had not been aroused so much by pictures and body parts (or pictures of body parts) as I had been by words – erotic descriptions, stories, and things said to me.
  • It became very visceral – instinctual – with a need to take care of it. It had very little to do with romance or even an attraction that made sense intellectually. You’re hungry, you eat. There was a matter-of-factness about it, especially when I was by myself. Hmm … peanut butter sandwich sounds good. Okay, done. Let’s move on

Eine weitere Schilderung aus den Kommentaren des gleichen Beitrags:

I had all the same changes that you have described and I’m particularly fond of the visual stimulus change because its easier to get excited and get off.

Regarding libido, my sex drive was very low before and I had become so used to it, that when it changed to an extremely high sex drive, I was vastly unprepared. I knew intellectually what to expect, but the changes were so extreme that no amount of education would have prepared me. I slept with people that I would not have slept with in other circumstances and engaged in risky behavior. I consider myself lucky to not have contracted any serious STDs.

Also, the quality of orgasm is different for me. Before it was difficult to reach it, but now once I’m past a certain point in excitement, it’s really difficult to hold it off. And when it comes, it feels like an uncontrollable explosion, rather than the slowly rising crescendo-like feel from before. Also, once I get excited, I find it nearly impossible to think about anything else. I thought that after ten years on T, this part would get easier, but it hasn’t.

Und noch eine:

When I started T I thought I was prepared for the increased drive that would come with it. Pre-T I identified as asexual, though that isn’t to say I didn’t ever ‘grab a hot dog cause I was hungry’. I did but that’s all it was, and all I needed, fulfilling a simple, physical need, I had never yet felt any desire at all to fulfill that need with some one else. When I did finally start T I was on a pretty low dose at first. My drive did increase (It was actually the very first change I noticed) but the nature of it didn’t change.

I’m now on double my starting dose (For two months now. I was on my starting dose for 6 months) and the nature of my drive has changed very much. It used to be that I could just do it with out “assistance”, I could be thinking about anything at all and it wouldn’t help or hinder. Not only is my drive stronger, I, for the first time in my life, am experiencing sexual attraction to other guys. (I’ve always considered myself a gay guy because I was definitely romantically attracted to other guys so being gay is not new to me). At first it really freaked me out, after all I’d always seen sex as icky icky yuck you’ll never get me to do that, and I really resisted it. But my attitude is changing along with my drive, and I’m slowly starting to let go and accept that I’m really not asexual anymore.


Und eine Schilderung in die andere Richtung (M–>F)

From a different perspective… It’s funny, Matt, but reading your points only confirmed for me my desire to begin spiro/estro, which I should be doing in about three weeks finally! I was talking with a friend the other day about adolescence, and honestly I do not remember anything about mine whatsoever. Guess I was numbed to it, blocked it. So I cannot wait to go through my “teen girl” adolescence and all that goes with it….

And over the course of the past year or so, my sex drive has so changed. I simply cannot be bothered with it, primarily due to the singular primal nature of it all. I used to believe (immaturely) that sex was like the biggest part of a relationship, and now its so not that important, I am so happy to not have those visual/visceral feelings anymore, those primal thoughts. I cannot wait to rid myself of T…. I’ve seen it from this side, and I want to taste it from the other. I can’t wait to move on… can I get some jelly with my peanut butter?

Und noch ein M–>F

Late to the party here, Matt, but I love this post. It’s like the mirror image of my own experience as a trans woman on t-blockers and estrogen.

If you flip your points around to the m2f inverse, I agree with every one of them. To whit:

1. The goal/end/prize isn’t such a big deal to me. I want the intimacy, and I’d be happy to drag the moment out.

2. Visual, schmizual. I want a mood. An emotion. A moment.

3. It’s not about need, it’s about getting it right. I can wait.

Mind you, I once had the T running hot and heavy through my veins as well. I know where you’re coming from.

I really think a brain-trust of m2f and f2m people should get together some time and write a book about this stuff. We seem to understand it better than others because we’ve seen both sides.

7 Gedanken zu “Transsexualität, Hormonbehandlung und die Libido

  1. oh man. wieder Biologiethesen der auf stand der ersten klasse. Mehr testeosteron, mehr sex ugha ugha, mehr östrogen, weniger sex, ugha ugha.

    Einfach mal in die Natur schauen, und schon wieder eine These von möchtegern Evolutionsbiologen wiederlegt.

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