„15 Gründe warum ich keine Feministin bin“

Eine interessante Auflistung von Gründen, warum Anna Senneff nicht Feministin sein will:

  1. Because I think that despite men having a more privileged role historically, men’s rights and issues are something we can’t ignore.
  2. Because I don’t want to identify with a cause that has built its foundation on the idea that as a woman, I am a victim.
  3. Because I don’t think I can affect real, lasting change while holding on to a victim complex and internalizing the idea that in this day and age, I am inherently disadvantaged everywhere I go and in everything I do.
  4. Because I don’t think trivial things like “cat-calling” and “slut-shaming” should be considered legitimate social issues.
  5. Because I think that young boys being abducted and forced to fight as child soldiers in Africa are equally as important as young girls being forced into arranged marriages in the Middle East.
  6. Because I’m pro-life.
  7. Because men and women are, in fact, very different, and “equal” doesn’t mean “identical.”
  8. Because I know the textbook definition of the word feminism, but rarely do I see it being lived out.
  9. Because it is wrong for me to claim that I am among the disadvantaged party in an advanced, affluent, first-world nation and to push for more privilege for myself.
  10. Because I won’t be told that I’m being mistreated and oppressed, when I’m not.
  11. Because this is the 21st century. Equality exists in this country, and women have taken advantage of it. I am grateful for the rights that historical feminism has granted me, but it’s run its course.
  12. Because I won’t perpetuate gender inequality by pretending it’s still as big of an issue as it was a hundred years ago.
  13. Because I shouldn’t have to constantly justify my decision to not identify as a feminist, and be insulted and looked down upon as a result.
  14. Because we can’t afford to divide the fight for social justice and equality on a basis of gender.
  15. Because injustice is something that reaches much, much further than male and female.

Abgesehen von Punkt sechs ja alles Punkte, denen man sich gut anschließen kann. Interessant auch Punkt 13. In gewisser Weise eine Abwandlung von „das ich mich rechtfertigen muss Feministin zu sein, macht deutlich, wie sehr wir Feminismus brauchen“. Wenn man es in der Richtung versteht, dass ihr die Bewegung eben zu aggressiv ist aber durchaus verständlich