17 Gedanken zu “Frohe Weihnachten 2015

  1. „Since the industrial revolution and the growth of capitalism has allowed for the invention of childhood, by bringing down child mortality levels and creating a consumer market, Christmas has become essentially a celebration of children. The whole thing was re-invented by the Victorians, or more specifically Prince Albert, who introduced German customs such as Christmas trees…“

    Ein aufmerksamer Leser kommentierte (keine Ahnung, ob das richtig ist):
    „Simply not correct, it was Queen Charlotte, wife of George III who introduced the Christmas tree to England in 1800 when she used a whole yew tree at the Queen’s Lodge, Windsor as the centrepiece at a party for children or the Royal family and the nobility.
    Alison Barnes has written some excellent articles on this topic for those interested in the facts.“

    Schlusssatz für eine besinnliche Weihnacht:

    „Personally I love the consumerism of Christmas, simply because it makes children happy — and if people want to make a buck by making kids happy on Jesus’s birthday, then that’s hardly the worst thing that’s ever been done in the name of religion.“


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