John Millwards Studie zu Aussehen, Praktiken und Allgemein zu Porno-Stars

John Millward, der hier schon interessante Statistiken zu Prostituierten und Freiern hatte, hat ein paar Auswertungen zu Pornodarstellerinnen vorgenommen. Das Thema wurde schon häufiger hier besprochen:

Allerdings untersuchte John eben gerade die Darsteller und es gibt einige interessante Ergebnisse:

Zum Aussehen:

The average male and female performer are the same height as the average American man and woman: 5’10″ and 5’5″ respectively.2 However, porn stars are quite a bit lighter. At 117 lbs, the average female performer is a considerable 48 lbs under the national average for women, and the average male, at 167.5 lbs, weighs 27 lbs less than the national average for men. So, just how were these porn stars’ weights determined when they were typed, probably with one hand, into the database? (…)

I thought that maybe if the women are overestimating how light they are, they might also be a bit too generous when reporting their measurements. It turns out they probably aren’t though, because the most common bra size for a female porn star is a surprisingly handleable 34B. Not double-D, not even a D. Double-D actually came in 4th, behind B, C and D. The most common set of measurements for the women was 34–24-34. (…)

So, if the average female porn star is a 5’5″ woman who weighs 117lbs and has B-cup – breasts (…) Dark-haired porn stars outnumber blonde ones almost 2-to-1

Also wäre die durchschnittliche Pornodarstellerin 1,65, wiegt dabei 53 kg (BMI 19,5) und hat Bh-Größe B und eher dunkle Haare (wobei sie weitaus häufiger blonde Haare haben als der Rest der Bevölkerung).

Interessant auch die Angaben, welche Praktiken die Pornodarstellerinnen zumindest einmal angeboten haben:

  • 87% Facial
  • 62% Anal
  • 53% Interracial
  • 39% double penetration
  • 31%  swallow
  • 28% cream pie
  • 24% cum swap
  • 16% squirt
  • 11% pee
  • 10% DPP (double Pussy penetration)
  • 6% Fisting
  • 5% take Pee
  • 5% DAP (double Anal Penetration)

Erstaunlicherweise würden daher mehr der Frauen Analsex haben als es zB als weiße Frau mit einem schwarzen Darsteller zu machen.

Zu Analsex hat der Autor auch noch interessantes:

There are probably enough percentages there to write five other articles, but the anal sex one is particularly interesting, because unlike some of the others (fisting, I’m looking at you), anal sex is an act that gets talked about a lot in ‘real life’. Porn is often blamed for warping men’s minds and making them believe that anal sex is better than vaginal sex, or that all women should do it. So, how does the 62% of female porn stars do an anal scene at least once stat compare to the non-porn, real life equivalent?

Well, in 1992 a large national survey reported that only 16% of women aged 18–24 had tried anal sex.12 By 2010, another major survey, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, reported that the percentage of women who had tried anal by age 24 had risen to 32%,13 and one third of those had done it within the last month. So anal sex appears to be growing in popularity both in and out of porn—whether there’s a causal relationship there, it’s tough to say. Women in porn have been doing anal sex sooner over the last few decades though. I noticed that in the 1980s, they waited about two years after getting into the business before they did anal on camera; these days it’s more like six months.

2010 hatten also immerhin schon 32% aller Frauen Analsex und ein Drittel davon vermutlich regelmäßiger. Man kann vermuten, dass die Zahl heute noch etwas höher liegt.

Interessant auch die Angaben, in welchen Rollen die Frauen so auftauchen:

Sexrollen im Porno

Sexrollen im Porno

Dazu heißt es im Text:

Teens really wipe the floor with the rest, although one could argue that many of the other roles could be teen-aged (well, 18 or 19, in legal porn). MILFs (Mothers I’d like to Fuck) coming in second place surprised me. They seem to offset the youth of the teens quite a bit—or do they? Just how old is the average woman who appears in a MILF-themed porn flick? Well, I found out by sampling 100 movies from the database and viewing the profiles of the women who starred in them. The average age of a MILF in porn is thirty-three. 20% of the ‘MILFs’ were 20–25 years old, 7% were over 40, and 4% were over 50.

I wasn’t sure what to think about that result, so I looked up the average age of a first time mother in America. In 2006 it was 25 years old (22.6 in Mississippi).14

So porn, for all its ludicrous film titles and laughable plots, isn’t completely unreasonable when it comes to the casting of fuckable mothers.

It’s nice to see wife coming in third place, too, especially for fans of the institution of marriage. Unfortunately, on further investigation, I discovered that without exception every film title containing the word wife revolved around the concept of a man having sex with a spouse who wasn’t his own. Never mind.

Hier sieht man mal wieder, dass das Alter bei der Bewertung der Schönheit ein ganz wesentlicher Faktor ist. Junge Mädchen im Alter von jedenfalls unter 25 machen die meisten der Rollen aus (Teen, Cheerleader, Daughter, Coed, Sister, Babysitter, Sorority, Schoolgirl, Runaway und Nurse und Hitchhiker werden wohl auch eher jung sein). Selbst die Milfs und Wifes sind ganz überwiegend unter 35 Jahre alt. Auch interessant, dass bei „Wife“ eher die Frau eines anderen gemeint war. Die eigene Frau scheint eine geringere Rolle in den sexuellen Vorstellungen zu spielen (was vielleicht wieder den Wert von Abwechselung für Männer hervorhebt).

Den evolutionären Grund dafür hatte ich schon in dem Artikel „Warum stehen Männer auf junge Frauen?“ besprochen: Es ist Fruchtbarkeit und der Umstand, dass wir als Spezies eher lange Paarbindungen eingehen (der Umstand wirkt sich doppelt aus: Auf junge Frauen zu stehen erlaubt für den Fall einer langen Beziehung mit dieser mehr Kinder zu bekommen, eine junge Frau für einen Seitensprung wird aber auch eher einen Mann finden, der sie trotz zB einer Schwangerschaft mit einem Kind eines anderen nimmt, da er mit ihr auch noch mehr Kinder bekommen kann, so dass da auch noch die Chancen steigen, dass das eigene Kind durchkommt)

Auch interessant: Für Männer ist es wesentlich schwieriger in das Geschäft zu kommen und die, die es nach oben schaffen drehen dann auch sehr viele Szenen:

First, of the 100 most prolific porn stars of all time (that is, the ones who have starred in the most films), 96 are men. Next, the ten most prolific male performers, on average, have slept on-screen with 1,013 different women each (45 a year for an average career length of 22.4 years). Whereas the ten most prolific women on average have slept with 148 different men (8 a year for an average career length of 17.7 years). Nina Hartley, for instance, who made her porn debut in 1984 and has starred in more porn flicks than any other woman on earth (938), has slept with 199 different men on film. Tom Byron, on the other hand, who has more film credits than any other man (2,549), and who made his debut only two years earlier than Hartley, has slept with over five times more people of the opposite gender than her: 1,127 different women. Men in porn—in an almost absurd parody of the masculine stereotype—really get around. –

Erscheint logisch: Für die Frau braucht es nur gutes Aussehen und etwas Gleitgel, der Mann hingegen muss eben „seinen Mann stehen“.

Auch interessant ist, wie viele Szenen eine Darstellerin so dreht, bevor sie aussteigt und wie es sonst um die Psyche der Pornodarstellerinnen bestellt ist:

The actual number of single film quitters is between 10% and 30%. It’s difficult to settle on an exact figure, because it differs depending on how you sample the women, but one thing’s for sure: most women don’t quit after one film—in fact, the majority (at least 53%) do three or more. So, to update the quote with the facts, do most women do three films and then quit because the experience is so humiliating and painful? Perhaps. Or maybe they just don’t like it and stop.

Questions like why men and women get into porn, why they get out of it, and if they’re psychologically different to non-porn people, are beyond the scope of my analysis. Other people have tried to find out though. A recent, well-publicised study that surveyed female porn stars, concluded that they appear to have higher levels of self-esteem, social support and sexual satisfaction than the average woman, as well as a higher chance of being bi-sexual and having tried 10 different types of drugs.

Die dort zitierte Studie ist interessant:

The damaged goods hypothesis posits that female performers in the adult entertainment industry have higher rates of childhood sexual abuse (CSA), psychological problems, and drug use compared to the typical woman. The present study compared the self-reports of 177 porn actresses to a sample of women matched on age, ethnicity, and marital status. Comparisons were conducted on sexual behaviors and attitudes, self-esteem, quality of life, and drug use. Porn actresses were more likely to identify as bisexual, first had sex at an earlier age, had more sexual partners, were more concerned about contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD), and enjoyed sex more than the matched sample, although there were no differences in incidence of CSA. In terms of psychological characteristics, porn actresses had higher levels of self-esteem, positive feelings, social support, sexual satisfaction, and spirituality compared to the matched group. Last, female performers were more likely to have ever used 10 different types of drugs compared to the comparison group. A discriminant function analysis was able to correctly classify 83% of the participants concerning whether they were a porn actress or member of the matched sample. These findings did not provide support for the damaged goods hypothesis.

Quelle: Pornography Actresses: An Assessment of the Damaged Goods Hypothesis

Aus einer Besprechung der Studie:

To recap briefly, contrary to the stereotypical view that pornography actresses are “damaged goods” the study found that these women were no more likely to have been sexually abused as children than women in a matched control group drawn from the general population. Additionally, among other findings, pornography actresses reported higher self-esteem, and sexual satisfaction than other women. Similar results were found for male actors compared to men in a control group (Griffith, Mitchell, Hammond, et al., 2012). In regards, to the performers’ sexuality, the results are probably more in accord with popular stereotypes. Both male and female performers reported having their first sexual experience at a younger age than other people and reported having had a far larger number of sexual partners. Note that when answering this last question, participants were asked NOT to include people they had had sex with only as part of their work, so these are sexual partners from their private lives. In fact, when asked to indicate the number of sexual partners in the last 12 months, the average number for porn actresses was larger than the average number of partners that ordinary women had had in a lifetime. Interestingly, the average number of lifetime partners reported by male actors (about 170) was notably larger than that for actresses (about 75). Perhaps future studies will shed some light on why there is such a large difference. Both figures are much larger than the averages for men (about 10) and for women (about 5) in the control groups though.

Also of note was that both male and female performers indicated that they enjoyed sex more on average compared to their control groups. For example, on a 10-point scale, porn actresses rated their enjoyment of sex on average as 9.40 compared to other women with an average score of 8.28. This may not seem like a huge difference at first, but the researchers noted that 69% of porn actresses rated their enjoyment as 10 out of 10, compared to 33% of other women. Additionally, less than 2% of actresses rated their enjoyment as 5 or less, compared to about 12% in the control group. Among the men, 83% of porn actors rated their enjoyment of sex as 10 out 10, compared to 51% of the control group males. Only one of the male actors in the study rated his enjoyment as less than 5, compared to about 8% of the control group.

One striking difference between male and female performers was in sexual orientation. The vast majority of male actors identified as heterosexual, with only 8 bisexual and 2 homosexual (out of 105 participants), similar to the control group. In contrast, among the actresses, over 67% identified as bisexual, and the remainder were heterosexual except for one lesbian. (Among the control group women, over 92% identified as heterosexual, about 7% as bisexual, and the remainder as lesbian.)

Anscheinend interessieren sich also Frauen für die Pornoindustrie, die schon früh mit Sex angefangen hatten, viele Partner hatten und Spass am Sex hatten. Gerade auch die hohe Rate an bisexuellen, aber auch die anderen Faktoren könnte meiner Meinung nach auch einen Zusammenhang mit einem hohen pränatalen Testosteronspiegel darlegen. Eine Studie dazu habe ich aber leider nicht gefunden. Es sind zudem Frauen, die eher ein hohes Selbstvertrauen haben und auch ansonsten gut eingebunden sind. Das Nehmen von Drogen spricht wahrscheinlich eher für experimentierfreudige Personen mit einer gewissen Risikobereitschaft. Sicherlich muss man hier vielleicht auch berücksichtigen, dass es gut für das Geschäft ist, wenn man angaben macht, dass man den Sex vor der Kamera aus reinem Spass an der Sache macht.

Es widerspricht aber wohl auch den gängigen feministischen Vorstellungen von der armen unselbstbewußten Frau, die ganz gegen ihren Willen in diese Lage gerät und ausgenutzt wird, der Damsel in distress bzw. der weiblichen Unschuld, die von den Männern in diese Lage gezwungen wird.

Auch interessant ist das durchschnittliche Gesicht einer Pornodarstellerin:

Durschschnitt Gesicht Pornostar

Durschschnitt Gesicht Pornostar

Klassisch hübsche Gesichter würde ich sagen.