Rape Culture und die Erziehung eines Sohns durch eine Feministin

In einem Artikel beschreibt eine feministische Mutter einen großen Schock angesichts einer Aussage ihres Sohnes:

The words “Mom, I like LIKE this person at school,” stops me in my tracks.

No. Not yet. It’s too soon. Hold on to childhood a little bit longer, my sweet son. I don’t want to destroy your youthful idealism yet.

Wie bereitet sie ihn nun auf sein Leben in der Rape Culture vor?:

Sons, yes, love is wonderful BUT you are not allowed to love. Not wholly. Not without restraint.  You must check your feelings at the door because every action you make as a male will be held against you. You are guilty until proven innocent, and are always on probation. It’s not your fault. Your purest intentions, your deepest respect for others, will simply not be enough. 

We’ve tried our best to prepare you. We’ve raised you to believe in the ideas of equality and fairness but this world we are giving you is broken and chaotic. In all these years this country still doesn’t grasp the concept of real equality. We debate human rights like we get to choose who has them. We confuse our youth by empowering them to embrace their sexuality and then we shame them for it. We reward violence. We fail to protect our most vulnerable.  And you, my son, have to survive in that world knowing the truth. We do not have the luxury of waiting for you to learn about life one day, one experience at a time. There is no Santa Claus. You can never touch a rainbow. Wishes don’t come true. You are male. You have to pay for the sins of those who came before. You may not be the enemy but you look like him and so you will be treated like him until things change.

Wie kommen eigentlich Leute darauf, dem Feminismus eine gewisse Männerfeindlichkeit zu unterstellen? Muss eine fiese Propaganda sein…