„Einen reichen Mann finden“

Nachdem es neulich um Schoppes These ging, dass Frauen ihr Leben eher auch über ihren Partner gestalten können hier einmal ein Artikel über eine Frau, die genau das als erstrebenswert ansieht:

t the end of my final lecture in 2004, I told the female students: ‘Forget all this career nonsense — marry a rich man and have children while you’re young.’

Interestingly, the only people shocked by this were my colleagues: the young male ones and the ageing feminists.


Being a mother and wife is not an easy job, but it is the one that has brought me true happiness.

I still think longingly of the three or four more children I could have had if only I had started earlier.

Matilda’s excellent education will, I hope, enable her to become the very best mother and wife she can be.

Für ihren Sohn hat sie andere Pläne:

My son William, now 11, is at an excellent prep school and is likely to proceed to a top public school (where we might just happen to find Matilda a suitable husband among his classmates). But the huge sums we spend on his education are not to bag him a wealthy wife. They are largely to prepare him for the lucrative career that will enable him to fulfil his biological role of protector and provider for his future family.

He knows I would expect him to support a wife, and that I would want her to be a stay-at-home mother).

thoughtful and well-spoken. I want her to pass on her creativity, knowledge and intelligence to her children, not waste them climbing the career ladder.

I don’t want her to suffer the fate of my generation, miserably trying to juggle careers and home life before their relationships collapse.

‘Having it all’ is my aim for her. But if she is a full-time mother with a comfortable home and a prosperous husband by the time she is 25, that is the ‘all’ my girl could ever need.

Sie sieht also gerade in der Mutterrolle die Erfüllung und anscheinend auch die Erfüllung ihrer Rochter