Viktor / Viktoria (aus Harald Eias Brainwash)

In Harald Eias Reihe „Brainwash“ kommt in einer der Folgen die Geschichte von Viktoria vor:


Ich habe dazu mal etwas gesucht und folgende Schilderung gefunden:

In 1985 a boy named Viktor was found in a basket on the stairs of a hospital in the capital of Quito, Ecuador. No one knows who had left him there, but one reason may be his parents were poor (he was malnourished) and that he had ambiguous genitals.

XY does not a boy make

A genetic test told the doctors that he had male chromosomes (46 XY) and that the testicles were intact.

Still, the penis was shorter than the 1,94 cm needed to be considered functional by the medical establishment. In accordance with the ruling paradigm of the day, the doctors therefore decided to turn him into her.

The doctors believed that sex identity is something that is created throughout the upbringing. Since it is easier to create a vagina surgically than extending a penis, the doctors chose the easy way out, believing that Viktor would thrive as Viktoria. (…)

At the age of three Viktor, now Viktoria, was adopted by Norwegian parents.

The parents consulted the local expertise and were told that it was important to strengthen „Viktoria’s“ identity as a girl. Because of this they raised him as a girl. They did not tell him the truth about what had really happened to him.

The problem was that Viktor never felt like a girl. He refused to wear girl’s clothing. He wanted to play with the boys. In kindergarten, he was considered a problem child, acting out.

In the early 1990’s, at the age of six and a half, „Viktoria“ was admitted to the National Hospital (Rikshospitalet) in Oslo for cosmetic surgery. The idea was to feminize his genitalia even more. Child psychiatrist Trond H. Diseth was asked to take a look at the „girl“, as „she“ was reported to be „confused and disturbed“. Diseth had been told by his superiors that he should do anything he could to make these kids understand that they were girls, and to keep the real condition a secret. Diseth asked „Viktoria“ to make a drawing of herself. The kid did so, and the drawing made Diseth reconsider everything he had learned about sex and gender. „Viktoria“ explained the drawing to Diseth: „This is a boy, but the boy is now dead. He had a big penis; it started to grow and came up into the mouth so that the boy could not eat. The boy had to be operated. The penis were cut off, but the boy died. The penis and the boy were buried separately. All the people came to the funeral for the penis, but none came to the funeral of the boy.“ Like all children Viktor had made theories to explain what he did not understand. What was amazing about this theory, was that it at least partly reflected the true nature of what the boy had been through. Diseth was not allowed to discontinue the feminization procedure, however, and Viktor was transferred to a child psychiatrist close to where he and his parents lived. Viktor had to stay a girl for the time being.

Viktor says that he had come to accept that he was a girl when growing up. No one had told him otherwise. But he never felt like a girl. Still, he was unable to put this experience into words as a young child.

When his parents demanded feminine behavior, he protested loudly. He hated wearing a dress. His heroes were all masculine.

His misery intensified as he grew older. He wanted to play with the boys, but the boys didn’t want to play with him. Nor did the girls, for that matter, as they sensed „Viktoria“ was different. He fell in love with girls, and believed he was a lesbian.

Entering secondary education he became more isolated and depressed. The fact that they gave him estrogen made things worse. After an attempted suicide he got in touch with Dr. Diseth again.

Diseth had in the meantime found more and more intersex „girls“ with psychological identity problems, many of them suicidal.

He had now decided to stop following the traditional procedure and wanted to help Viktor understand what had really happened to him.

He  replaced Viktor’s estrogen-treatment with testosteron.

„Getting testosteron was an enormous kick,“ Viktor says. „I was felt happily intoxicated. Things fell more and more into place.“

Viktoria change name to Viktor, and he and Diseth made plans for how he could find the way back to his original  sex.

“I never felt like a girl,“ Viktor told the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet in 2010:

„When I was little I played with boy’s stuff, and had male friends. Very early I had an imaginary friend, Patric, a male figure who has constantly been there for me as a role model. He gave me the motivation to live.I usually say I died when I was six months old, but the Patric figure stuck with me as a standard for the man I would once be. And with today’s surgery, that has largely come true. I feel like I’m 90 percent back to being a man, and the doctors say I will reach 95 percent. I do not know what the last 5 percent is. Perhaps it is psychological.”

Also ein klassischer David Reimer Fall. Nur das er eben nicht das Pech hatte einem Money in die Hände zu fallen. Und auch Butlers Einwände ziehen hier nicht, eben weil Money als Gegenpart fehlt. Hier wurde die Identität als Junge durchgängig vor Viktoria geheimgehalten, die Eltern wollten sie als Mädchen erziehen. Sie hätte also nach den Gendertheorien auch die weibliche Geschlechterrolle annehmen müssen, wurde aber mit dieser gar nicht war,, weil ihre biologische Veranlagung dem entgegen stand. Ebenso wie die Cloacal exstropy Fälle, bei denen sich auch im wesentlichen die biologische Veranlagung durchsetzte.

Es wäre interessant weitere Fälle dieser Art zu sammeln. Die bereits sehr eingeschränkten Argumente in dem David Reimer Fall, die die Genderseite unterbreitet. werden eben bereits auf diese weiteren Fälle nicht zutreffen. Man darf gespannt sein, wie man sich dann dort aus der Affaire zieht. Die naheliegendere Forschung zu den biologischen Ursachen des geschlechtlichen Verhaltens erklärt aus meiner Sicht diese Fälle allerdings am besten.