Warum beide Seiten der politischen Lager evolutionäre Psychologie nicht mögen

In einem Kommentar in einem Blog fand sich ein interessanter Kommentar dazu, warum beide Seiten des politischen Spektrum mit evolutionärer Psychologie nicht wirklich warm werden:

Here’s the interesting thing about evolutionary psychology: both ends of the political spectrum hate it.

  • The right hates it because it strongly implies that there’s no magical ’soul‘ to guide behavior, ergo in their minds we’re all simply corrupted meat. Merely a collection of DNA that has survived down through the ages.
  • The left (usually feminists, although not exclusively) hates it because it strongly implies that facets of biology shaped through evolution might influence behavior.Especially behavior that is rooted in gender. I’ve lost track of the presumptive pejorative of „BIOLOGICAL DETERMINIST!“ being thrown my way in forums.

So a Faustian bargain is struck between two groups that normally hate one another to condemn any findings of evolutionary psychology. Neither of the partners can stand evaluating any evidence of said research since it attacks fundamental principles they rely on, so flame they must.

Also auf der einen Seite die fehlende Seele, auf der anderen Seite die Angst, dass Verhalten nicht geändert werden kann.