Dominanz und dominieren

Dominanz bei Männern und Attraktivität für Frauen war hier schon häufiger Thema:

Allerdings wird das gerne damit verwechselt, dass man ein Diktator ist und versucht die Frau zu unterwerfen. Hier ein Text dazu, den ich in der Hinsicht ganz gut finde:

Taking charge and being decisive however doesn’t mean taking domineering control over your woman. Taking charge doesn’t mean micromanaging her activities, telling her what to wear all the time, or telling her who she’s allowed to see. It doesn’t mean playing dictator.

You want to be dominant, but not domineering. You want to be strong, and yet sweet.

Nor do you need to create a woman who is subservient. In fact, your woman should not hesitate to offer you her advice based on her experience and feelings.(…)
Many men make the mistake of believing that being nice means being a pushover. It’s not. You still want to nice and loving to your woman, just not in a placating way, but from the position of taking command and being a man of action.

So you have to take control over the situation without losing control over yourself. You want to be able to be in control of any situation without resorting to any sort of domineering behavior. Being in control and being decisive simply means that you are a man of action, that you have direction, and are comfortable taking control when the moment arises.

Also dominant sein, weil man selbstsicher ist, die Sache in der Hand hat, Handeln will und kann, und nicht weil man sie kontrollieren will. Ich denke das kommt durchaus an.