Selbermach Samstag XXIV

Welche Themen interessieren euch, welche Studien fandet ihr besonders interessant in der Woche, welche Neuigkeiten gibt es, die interessant für eine Diskussion wären und was beschäftigt euch gerade?

Welche interessanten Artikel gibt es auf euren Blogs oder auf den Blogs anderer? Welches Thema sollte noch im Blog diskutiert werden?

Vergewaltigung oder einvernehmlicher Sex?

Gerade regt man sich im amerikanischen Feminismus über eine Scene in der Serie „Girls“ auf und streitet darüber, ob dort eine Vergewaltigung gezeigt wurde.

Hier einer Darstellung der Szene:


Here’s how the first time goes down: Natalia (Shiri Appleby) invites Adam (Adam Driver) into her apartment and perches on her bed. “I’m ready to have sex now,” she tells him. “You’ve been really nice all week,” she explains. “We can do it, if you want.

Adam agrees, and Natalia states her preferences. “I’m on the pill, but will you come outside of me, just in case?” she says. “I don’t like to be on top that much. Or soft touching, because it tickles me and takes me out of the moment. But everything else is OK.” She adds: “I just want to take things kind of slow.” Adam plays at aggression, grabbing Natalia’s set of perfectly fluffed pillows and throwing them to the floor. Natalia laughs. “I like how clear you are with me,” Adam tells her. Natalia responds: “What other way is there?”

By the end of the episode, Natalia has learned that there is another way of doing things. Natalia takes Adam to a friend’s engagement party, where her friends aren’t so sure he’s a nice guy. Ever the suffering artist, Adam bristles when the men in attendance attempt to chat him up about sports. The bride-to-be describes Adam’s face as that of “an old-timey criminal.” A recovering alcoholic, Adam falls off the wagon and orders a drink. They dance all night. Then, he whisks Natalia out of this mainstream celebration and into his darkened bachelor pad. She calls his apartment “depressing.” He tells her to “get on all fours” and crawl into his bedroom.

She consents, reluctantly. “This place is filled with nails and shit all over the floor,” she complains, crawling on her knees. “What is it you’re going for, exactly?”

Adam grabs her from the floor, throws her on the bed, and explains: “I want to fuck you from behind, hit the walls with you.” She consents, numbly. He removes her underwear and goes down on her. She does not consent. “No. Look, I didn’t take a shower today,” she says. “It’s fine, relax,” he tells her. He begins fucking her from behind. He asks her to confirm that she likes his apartment, that she likes the way he looks, and that she really likes him. She consents, limply. Then, he pulls out and masturbates over her. “No, no, no, no, not on my dress!” she says. She pulls off her top, grimaces, and looks away. He comes on her chest. “I don’t think I like that,” she says, when he’s done. “I, like, really didn’t like that.”

What happened here? On the one hand, Adam has fulfilled Natalia’s initial requests—he is on top, comes outside of her, no soft touching. On the other hand, he is no longer being “really nice” or taking things “kind of slow.” This time, no one is laughing. What was abundantly “clear” the first time is now muddied. The first time, Natalia communicates with Adam to do just what she wants; the second time, Adam wields her words against her to do what he knows she really doesn’t. So when Natalia says, “No, I didn’t take a shower,” Adam says, “Relax, it’s fine.” When she says, “No, not on my dress,” he comes on her chest instead.

Interessant ist natürlich der zweite Sex. Vergewaltigung oder nicht? Ich stelle mal Umfragen dazu, getrennt nach Geschlechtern ein:

Für die männlichen Leser:

Für die weiblichen Leser:

Ich füge einen Umbruch ein, bitte erst abstimmen.