Die Wirkung von Testosteronpräparaten

Zu der direkten Wirkung zusätzlich eingenommenen Testosterons hatte ich schon zwei Fälle zitiert:

Es sind natürlich immer Einzelgeschichten, aber ich halte sie dennoch für interessant und repräsentativ, da die Wirkung auch ansonsten in der Medizin beschrieben wird.

Hier noch Auszüge aus einer weiteren Schilderung:

It’s been really interesting to notice how things have changed over the last few weeks, since I started using a gel that delivers testosterone through the skin. I had a bit of a heads up regarding what to expect from some of the transgender men who have shared their stories with me, but there’s a big difference between their experiences and mine. After all, testosterone has been the primary sex hormone in my life and I don’t share their experience of switching from a primarily estrogen/progesterone-based system to a primarily testosterone-based system. For me, it’s been more like coming back to myself, rather than coming into myself (a phrase I’ve heard some trans* guys use when describing testosterone).

The biggest effect that I noticed almost right away was that I started feeling more energetic.I’m waking up more alert, I have more focus, I don’t get tired as easily, and I’m sleeping better. It’s as if the dial had been slowly getting turned down and now it’s back where it belongs. Life seems brighter and I feel a lot happier. I’m a lot more optimistic in the face of challenges and my “can do” attitude has returned. (Good timing, too. September has been an especially busy month.)

At the same time, I’m also a bit more irritable. Little things trigger anger more easily and it’s taking more work to contain and manage it. Most of the people in my life haven’t really noticed it, but my partner certainly has seen me get irritated or cranky more easily. That’s often the case- she saw the effects of my dysregulated blood sugar much sooner than anyone else, too. I’m also more easily distracted when I’m doing something that I’d prefer to skip. I have less patience for the tasks I need to do that I wish I didn’t have to do. And being interrupted when I’m working on something feels much more annoying than it did before.

Both my renewed energy and my increased irritability have been fascinating to observe, in as much as I can from the inside. I remember being a teenager not being able to sit still because I wanted to jump up and do stuff. I also recall how easily I’d freak out about things that seemed hugely important at the time and really were nothing to worry about. Part of what I’ve been sitting with around this is a deeper understanding of how much biology shapes how we interpret the world and how we choose to act in response.

Along those lines, I’ve also noticed that my urge to look at people I find attractive has has increased. Walking down the street or sitting on the train, I have more of an impulse to check folks out. I’m glad that I have more practice at managing my sexual energy than when I was younger.

Ich finde hier gerade die Gegenüberstellung zur Pubertät ganz interessant. Der höhere Testosteronspiegel hat auch hier bedeutende Konsequenzen und man muss lernen mit dieser Umstellung umzugehen. Auch diese Wirkung der Sexualhormone wird in einem Gleichheitsfeminismus radikal ausgeblendet, obwohl sie inzwischen gut erforscht ist.