Männlichen Chefs werden Fehler strenger vorgehalten

Ein Bericht über eine Studie, nach der männlichen  Chefs Fehler eher vorgehalten werden als weiblichen Chefs :

Guys who are in charge at their jobs should be wary when they slip up, as new research finds male leaders are judged more harshly than their female counterparts for their errors. The macho-mistakes‘ finding held for male-dominated fields, like construction work, the researchers added.

Female leaders in such fields were judged less harshly, possibly because they are expected to fall short in masculine settings, the research team concludes. (…)

„Leaders who made mistakes were viewed as less task- and relationship-competent, desirable to work for and effective than leaders who did not,“ writes the team, led by Christian Thoroughgood from Pennsylvania State University, in research detailed recently in the Journal of Business and Psychology.

Gender, too, mattered in their results.

The undergrads evaluated „Bill Smith“ more negatively than „Barbara Smith“ when the two were described as construction foremen. But when the errant leaders were identified as head nurses, the undergrads had similar perceptions of both male and female leaders.

In „männlichen Berufen“ ist man bei Frauen also anscheinend eher geneigt Fehler zu übersehen. In den Gender Studies würde man wohl von wohlwollenden Seximus gegen Frauen sprechen, denn dadurch, dass diesen die Fehler nicht vorgehalten werden, können diese nicht aus diesen lernen.