Testosteron und seine Wirkung auf den Sexualtrieb

In „Sex at dawn“ findet sich eine interessante Stelle zu Testosteron:

A man who suffered a hormonal disorder that left him with almost no testosterone for four months discussed his experience (anonymously) in a radio interview. Without testosterone, he said, “Everything I identified as being me [was lost]. My ambition, my interest in things, my sense of humor, the inflection of my voice…. The introduction of testosterone returned everything.” Asked whether there had been an upside to being testosterone-free, he said, “There were things that I find offensive about my own personality that were disconnected then. And it was nice to be without them…. I approached people with a humility that I had never displayed before.” But overall, he was glad to have it back, because, “When you have no testosterone, you have no desire.”

Griffin Hansbury, who was born female but underwent a sex change after graduating from college, has another well-informed view of the powers of testosterone. “The world just changes,” he said. “The most overwhelming feeling was the incredible increase in libido and change in the way I perceived women.” Before the hormone treatments, Hansbury said, an attractive woman in the street would provoke an internal narrative: “She’s attractive. I’d like to meet her.” But after the injections, no more narrative. Any attractive quality in a woman, “nice ankles or something,” was enough to “flood my mind with aggressive pornographic images, just one after another…. Everything I looked at, everything I touched turned to sex.” He concluded, “I felt like a monster a lot of the time. It made me understand men. It made me understand adolescent boys a lot.”

Was gut zu den Funden der hier aufgeführten Metastudie zum Sexualtrieb und dieser Schilderung des Journalisten Andrew Sullivan passt (über Pinker).

Es zeigt auch gut, wie die Hormone unser Verhalten mit Disponieren. Wir können eben tun, was wir wollen, aber wir können nicht wollen, was wir wollen, wie Schopnehauer schon sehr richtig feststellt.

Aus dem Mehr an Testosteron folgt eben auch eine gänzlich andere Sexualität des Mannes, die wesentlich triebhafter ausgerichtet ist. Wer objektiv an die Sache ran geht und sich zum einen die Wirkung von Testosteron anschaut und zum anderen die Mengenabweichungen zwischen Männern und Frauen bei diesem Hormon, der kann daran auch kaum vorbei.