Unterschiede zwischen Pickup-Interessierten und Männerrechtlern

Krauser stellt jeweils 2 Typen dar, die seiner Meinung nach im Pickup-Bereich bzw. in der Männerrechtsbewegung zu finden sind:


  1. Young guy with little life experience, gunning it solo in the clubs and streets, up for adventure and a high laycount
  2. Older guy coming off some bad experiences, trying to relearn the ropes and lower the age of the girls he dates.


  1. Burned out older guy suffering the consequences of a horrendous divorce raping, finding a community of like-minded sufferers to vent with to ease the pain and disillusionment.
  2. Guys who had a near miss with the forces of misandry and has hurriedly educated himself on the bullet he just dodged. He is seeking to rearm himself before going back into life.

Seine These ist, dass jeweils nur Typ 2 Gemeinsamkeiten haben. PUA Typ 1 möchte einfach nur Spass und hat auch noch keine schlechten Erfahrungen mit Frauen gemacht. Für ihn ist es eben ein Spiel. MRA Typ 1 hingegen möchte im wesentlichen Frauen für sein Leid verantwortlich machen und braucht ein entsprechendes Feindbild der Ausbeutung. Damit ist es nicht vereinbar einfach nur Spaß zu haben, ohne sich ausgebeutet zu fühlen.

Krauser zu den weiteren Differenzen:

A common charge by MRAs against Game is that no matter how successful you are with women the very fact you chase them is supplication and the process of chasing them diminishes you as a man. Thus the PUA lifestyle is supporting the pedestalised position of women to the detriment of men, enabling bad female behaviour, saving them from the loneliness such behaviour deserves, and ultimately it is traitorous to the emancipation of men. (…)

How about the PUA side? Well that’s rather less esoteric. They look at MRAs and see a group of whiny guys not getting laid who are trying hard to rationalise their way out of their sense of inadequacy. Decent PUAs have done their 1,000 Sets Of Hell and are rightly damn proud of that achievement. They don’t take kindly to keyboard jockeys telling them they aren’t masculine when they are going out every weekend and taking rejection after rejection, clawing their way up Pussy Mountain one notch at a time. Being masculine isn’t just about what the MRAs value, it’s also about taking control of your destiny, not relying on somebody else to fix your problems, and getting laid.

Finde ich als Unterschied durchaus ganz interessant.