Karrierefrauen, Attraktivität und Lebensplanung

Einen sehr negativen Ausblick auf „Power Chicks“ bzw. Karrierefrauen findet sich hier:

They are lost souls, and while a small part of me feels sorry for them, they are not worth the trouble and you are best advised to ignore them for anything but a quick, easy lay.

I have been surrounded by power chicks my whole career, and as I have aged and moved up the ladder, so to have they in some cases. They hit a brick wall in their late 20’s though, and very few can actually compete head on with men as you start moving into executive positions. They blame glass ceilings and sexism of course, when in reality most are just shit at their jobs, cant deal with stress and dont produce the sorts of results they should be.

Its almost always plays out the same though. They fuck around in their 20’s when they still have their looks, and they generally treat what options they have like shit. Many men would be quicker to marry in their young 20’s than early 30’s, purely because we become more cynical with age. Our options increase to, and as a 30 year old with money in his pocket, I have never had it this easy.

As they get closer to 30, biology starts to take over, and they get more desperate as they approach their mid 30’s. This is when it really starts to take its toll on them. They realise that a corporate career is actually quite crap. Its not all about power lunches, deal making, world travel and boardroom drama. Its often 60 hours a week of spreadhseets, balance sheets and reports. So the job is no longer rewarding, her biology is telling her she needs a baby, but no man that she desires actually wants anything to do with her.

See this is where the bitches fall flat. They think that because a high paying job, high status career, high level education, high level of career achievement, money, independence, etc are the sorts of things they find attractive in men, they assume and expect that this is what we will find attractive in them too. We like tits and arse, and 36 year old tits and arse is not going to compete against 22 year old tits and arse. So they sprout off their CV’s to all, hoping this turns their sagging asses into bikini bums.

The result is that they end up settling. And they settle with someone they have no respect for, but its all they can really get. And its not someone they are that attracted to either, because those guys are fucking the 20 year olds still. So they end up resenting the men they are often with, and they often second guess their decisions because they are trying to live their life by a manual. They have also had so much cock they are basically ruined.

They are also horrible to be around. Highly opinionated, argumentative, judgmental, neurotic, insecure, bitchy, demanding. You name it. The worst of them comes out. They also make for bad companions too, and any of the traditional wife skills are not going to happen either. Thats servitude in their eyes and most of these bitches look down on housewives.

They are victims of feminism too really, and while I feel sorry for them at times, they get what they deserve.

Dont be intimidated by these poor souls. Pity them. They are very lonely, sad people and they bring no good to your life.

Ich denke schon, dass es Frauen gibt, bei denen es so abläuft und ich kenne auch Frauen, die neben der Karriere einfach keine Zeit für Kinder gehabt haben und das bedauern. Aber es ist natürlich keine zwangsläufige Folge. Viele Karrierefrauen werden mit Karriere und Leben zufrieden sein. Dennoch spricht der Artikel denke ich einige Punkte an, die eine Rolle spielen. Zum Beispiel, dass Frauen mit Macht etc nicht im gleichen Maße attraktiver werden wie Männer. Und auch der Umstand, dass sie gleichzeitig mit Frauen um die Männer konkurrieren, die einen gleichen Status haben, die nebenher nicht noch mit einer 60 Stunden Woche belastet sind.