Die ruhigere Seite von Pickup/Game

Nachdem ich ein paar Mal Krauser zitiert habe, weil er gut bestimmte Techniken beschreibt, ging die eigentlich für diesen Beitrag bestimmte Debatte über „Pickup ist frauenverachtend“ los.

Vielleicht daher mal hier ein paar Blogs mit ruhigeren Betrachtungen:

„The quite earth: Thoughts on Game“

I experience dissonance between the view of women I get from game and my experience of the women to whom I am already close: I know that women are like this or like that, and if I push the right button, say the right thing, the lock clicks and the door swings open; but this view is contradicted somewhat by the women in my life, of whom I don’t want to think in this way, and who anyway act in ways that defy the logic of Game. (…)

The conflict – and I reckon most men experience it – is between the generalising, simplifying, reductive but ultimately true aspects of female nature identified by Game, and the more complex, difficult facts – such as that women aren’t defined entirely by having a pussy and two x chromosomes – which are less yielding to synthesis than we would like. It is the conflict between the individual case and the general truth. Game – like your mind’s function of focussing on the useful and important things in your field of vision – is essential in creating a workable system for understanding and predicting women’s behaviour, but it is insufficient for grasping the complexity of relationships.

Oder hier: Married Man Sexlife

Der Author „gamed“ seine Ehefrau und berichtet über die Erfahrungen, die gut sind. Auch andere Gastautoren berichten von guten Erfahrungen.

Since I did not have any better plans, I decided to try an experiment. I knew that my lack of sexual success was probably caused by a lack of sexual value. I have always been a Beta type of guy. I decided to try acting like I was an Alpha for a while and see what happened.

I would walk up to my wife, grab her belt or her waist and pull her in for some kissing.

When she blew up at me over something I would just smile or laugh. I did not take her anger seriously, although I did listen to what she was saying and calmly respond to it.

When she barked an order at me I would say „I would happy to do that if you would ask nicely.“


I am truly shocked by how successful this was. Two months of simply acting more like an Alpha has had more positive effect on our marriage than 5 years of arguing with her about my needs.

This weekend was the first time in years that my wife complained about how long it has been since we made love. The fact that it didn’t happen (due to a sick kid) is irrelevant. It shows that the pendulum is swinging.

Richtig ist, dass viel im Pickup sich nicht um Langzeitbeziehungen dreht, meist ist der Rat dort einfach auf dem bisherigen Weg weiterzumachen. Und natürlich liegt das Interesse häufig gerade bei Sex. Aber es geht auch anders.

Hier noch ein paar Tipps von Roissy zu Beziehungen:

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