Was Frauen abtörnt III

Aus dem Beitrag „Undateable“ von Lemmonex

They all say “I am just your average guy”.  I don’t want average and I do not want to date someone who so easily bows down to the alter of average.  God knows no one is truly special, we are never as unique as we think we are, but please try.  Give me something, anything.  And you hipsters who name bands I have never heard of or who tell tales of spending summers in Nepal washing the feet of the elderly? You are just as average, just as boring.  An average guy takes off his khakis, fucks me missionary, drives me to the Olive Garden in his Ford Focus and sends me red roses the next day.

P.S: Lemmonex hat ihren Blog leider im Januar eingestellt. Aber ein wenig in den Archiven stöbern lohnt sich auf alle Fälle.