Was Frauen antörnt VII

Aus dem Blog „The Truth about Cock and dolls

I met him nearly two years ago at Cozy Bar, where he still bartends today. Handsome, charming, mysterious, the man was a cocktail of trouble, and I instantly developed a maddening, overwhelming crush on him. (…) I lit another cigarette and continued to listen to their conversation. Out of nowhere, Ben pulled me over to him, had me stand in front of him like a human shield and talked to Mitch over my shoulder. I smoked while he pressed against me and felt me up from behind, hand up my dress, against my thighs and hips.

Ben took the cigarette out of my left hand, threw it into the street, and placed my hand between us on his crotch. Just like that. And just like that I complied, stroked him over his trousers like it was the most natural thing.

Sehr direkt, aber er hatte vorher IOIs. Schnelle Eskalation auf eine männliche Art. Der schmale Grad zwischen sexueller Belästigung und weiblich gewünschter Dominanz.